Season 1 Episode 5

Advanced Criminal Law

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 15, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Hawthorne Wipes Jingle

    Definitely one of the best moments. It got me laughing my ass off. I rather enjoy seeing all the characters in different lights, different situations, different storylines. For now, I guess the show's got a lot of potential. In my opinion, the writing is snappy and the characters/actors are believable and improving with each episode. Hopefully, the show will not lose its spark any time soon.

    On a more personal note, I sincerely hope that Britta will not have mellowed, ideologically speaking, till the end of the season/till season 2/3 but that we will get to see more of her "feminist" views. So far so good, but there's still a long way to go to make her completely credible and respectful.
  • 105

    A good episode of Community tonight, although the show somewhat regressed considering this episode wasn't as great as the past 2 episodes, it was still an enjoyable episode of Community. I thought the pool scenes really were the funniest of the entire episode. Jeff's scenes always surprisingly impress me and the speech was almost heartwarming in a sense. I'm liking the relations between Jeff & Britta, I like how straightforward they are with each other which gives us a sense of dry humor which is always great. Community has had plenty of pairings in the story lines, and it worked in the last episode with Annie & Abed, but I really don't think they should pair Pierce with Annie anymore. Their scenes weren't very interesting.

    I have noticed the writers have gotten in to the Troy & Abed groove, since all the episodes up until now has had interactions between the two. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but they shouldn't over do a good thing. Overall, a good fun enjoyable episode of Community.
  • Not the best episode but still awesome.

    Señor Chang warns that he'll give failing marks to the whole class unless the cheater admits to his/her indiscretion. Jeff then defends the one who comes forward. Annie and Pierce team up to compose a new school song. Like I have already said this one was a dissapointment, probably the least funny episode but it still made me laugh, the part with the arguement in the shower was funny and made me laugh I didnt find Duncan very funny in the Pilot but he has grew on me he reminds me of Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge. Senor Chang is hilarious, even if he is slightley racist, no he aint racist but he comes out with some crackers
  • Dont get the table wet!

    Advanced Criminal Law, - In this episode Senor Chang finds out that somebody cheated on the last test. Because somebody left a little peice of papers with answers. It turns out that Britta was the one who cheated after Chang threatend the class. Britta is put on fake trial with Jeff as her lawyer even with her regrets. The trial takes place in the pool room of the school. Were the fancy and very uncheap table is. Some very moments from swimmers lighten the mood. As Duncan and Chang are brought in to help. Chang begins and waists alot of time. A recess is called after the table gets wet but Jeff turns the case that Britta is actually insane and needs to be here in order to complete her insane ways. Duncan takes her under wing with Britta wanting revenge. Troy finds out that Abed is a very easy target when it comes to jokes. Abed turns the tables, sorta, when he trys to plan a trick against Troy. However he is smarter than that quickly finds out that about what Abed is doing. Some really funny moments with Abed acting like alien, or was he acting hmm? Annie asks Pierce to write a song for the school. Since he did write, stole, a song for a wet naps commerical. Annie finds out the truth and trys make the Pierce situation better by insulting her self in which her mother told her. In the end Pierce steals another song and the show ends. Overall alot of comedy not fully put out. I laugh at some stuff the Abed parts were very funny and the best part of the episode.
  • "I'm sorry, do you mind if we have this conversation in a room with less balls?"

    For a lot of viewers, this episode probably didn't do much in the way of impressing.. but for me, it convinced me that this show should be picked up for a full season. It was uneven and didn't really have much of a plot, but it had its funny moments and showed each character in their element.

    The best part of the show, for me, is the dialogue. It's quick, witty and it's almost always funny. Except for the occasions where Senor Chang is delegated to saying things like "poop" and throwing tantrums, then the show seems like one of the smarter ones on TV right now. Professor Duncan and Abed saying the names of shows while walking by each other was great, as was Abed and Troy's attempts to mess around with each other. The Pierce and Annie plot was pretty stupid though and could've easily been thrown out.

    Joel McHale's character is really starting to grow on me too.. he's not just a weird guy who is obsessed with Britta and a jerk. He's just a guy who's coasted through life and is trying to adjust to a life of trying. And each week makes him a little more likeable.

    I hope the show can continue on and keep building off of what they've created already.
  • Senor Chang finds a minuscule crib sheet on the floor of his classroom and threatens to fail everyone unless the cheat comes forward. Troy practical jokes Abed and Abed tried to do it back. Annie asks Pierce to write a Greendale Community School song.

    Unfortunately a step backwards after some funny and clever bits the last few weeks. Overall I felt this show was moving in the right direction. This definitely wasn't the right direction.

    We have this weird tribunal held in the building that houses the pool. When Jeff has Britta freed of charges she then confesses? She is planning to fail basically. So they (the school at Jeff's request) don't allow her too. This was the main plot this week along with the ridiculous scenes in Senor Chang's classroom where she confesses it was her note so everyone else wouldn't get in trouble. Not very interesting and certainly not even humorous. The other two subplots somewhat left you feeling a little blah as well. Annie and Pierce writing the school song and Troy and Abed joking with each other. Again nothing really humorous in general. I will admit the use of the Billy Joel song for the school song was a little funny. Unfortunately that happened in the last minute of the show.

    Maybe it was just a mediocre episode and not the wave of the future. We'll see. NBC has a way of having weird and quirky comedies. CBS and ABC to a point have got comedies going in the right direction on Monday's and Wednesday's. Thanks for reading...
  • Cheers. Mash. Fawlty Towers.

    This was a funny one. Judging by the episode ratings, I am in the minority on this one, but I am of the opinion that it is the best episode since the pilot. My favorite line was one that I almost missed, too. As Jeff is saying good bye to Duncan, he says "Cheers," clearly meant as an allusion to Duncan's British heritage. But Abed walks by and says "Mash," right after Duncan clenches it with "Fawlty Towers" - clearly naming old t.v. shows. I had to replay it in my head before I laughed, but I thought it was brilliant, witty, and so quick. I will admit, the Annie/Pierce plot was dreadful, but Abed and Troy were spot-on as well. Those two are shaping up to be a comedy team in the leagues of Dwight and Jim.