Season 1 Episode 5

Advanced Criminal Law

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 15, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Dont get the table wet!

    Advanced Criminal Law, - In this episode Senor Chang finds out that somebody cheated on the last test. Because somebody left a little peice of papers with answers. It turns out that Britta was the one who cheated after Chang threatend the class. Britta is put on fake trial with Jeff as her lawyer even with her regrets. The trial takes place in the pool room of the school. Were the fancy and very uncheap table is. Some very moments from swimmers lighten the mood. As Duncan and Chang are brought in to help. Chang begins and waists alot of time. A recess is called after the table gets wet but Jeff turns the case that Britta is actually insane and needs to be here in order to complete her insane ways. Duncan takes her under wing with Britta wanting revenge. Troy finds out that Abed is a very easy target when it comes to jokes. Abed turns the tables, sorta, when he trys to plan a trick against Troy. However he is smarter than that quickly finds out that about what Abed is doing. Some really funny moments with Abed acting like alien, or was he acting hmm? Annie asks Pierce to write a song for the school. Since he did write, stole, a song for a wet naps commerical. Annie finds out the truth and trys make the Pierce situation better by insulting her self in which her mother told her. In the end Pierce steals another song and the show ends. Overall alot of comedy not fully put out. I laugh at some stuff the Abed parts were very funny and the best part of the episode.