Season 2 Episode 14

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 03, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • Loved seeing a DnD episode, but there were some major flaws


    - Study group playing DnD.

    - Chevy Chase's evil plans. He was excellent as the antagonist of the game.

    - Abed as the DM was pretty cool. I'd love him as a DM with his extensive tv knowledge I think he'd be particularly good at creating an engaging narrative.

    - Not much Chang. I'm not a fan of him as a student and I was glad he didn't get much time in this episode.


    - The premise was about helping "Fat Neil" because Jeff felt guilty about starting the nickname. Jeff is mean to everyone, I didn't think it was very plausible that he'd go so far out of his way for someone he really doesn't know.

    - Chang's night elf... not really offensive, but not worth it either