Season 3 Episode 6

Advanced Gay

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 03, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • Pierce's father comes to visit


    Sometimes, shows will contain moments that are so over the top that it nearly pulls you out of the show. Community certainly isn't the most realistic of shows and I can deal with that but sometimes, I feel like the show focuses less on character and more on silly stuff.

    Here, we get a mix of both. The main plot is that Pierce's company Hawthorne Wipes becomes famous after a transgendered song writer makes a song using his wipes as the song title. The sales go up 7% as a result and Pierce, in his own weird way, begins to tolerate gay people. However, things go down the drains after Pierce's father Cornelius shows up and shames Pierce into talking crap about gay people. Even if the show were to just focus on their relationship, it would've been good but it gets bonus points for tying in Jeff's relationship to his missing father and Britta's attempt to be a therapist (it's hilarious to hear her pronounce "Oedipel" as "edible.")

    Meanwhile, Troy gets kidnapped by the Vice Dean (played creepily by John Goodman) and is offered a spot in the air conditioning school. It's an odd callback to previous episodes where Troy proved himself to be good with plumbing and mechanical stuff and it worked for the most part. This is where the silly stuff came in that I mentioned before. Seriously, having a guy in a spacesuit cooking panini's and a black guy in a Hitler costume simply to make people not believe him if he were to say where he was was a bit silly.

    Everyone else had their funny moments. The study group was on their game tonight, having quick banter and arguing back and forth the way they do best... Abed had some awesome moments while pretending to be Troy and the tag at the end of the episode where they make fun of Doctor Spacetime a.k.a Doctor Who was awesome.

    I suppose I just didn't connect with the episode as well as other episodes this season. It was still hilarious, it just felt a bit random... especially Troy's air conditioning school stuff. But the development with Jeff and Pierce was great and the writing was pretty solid as well.