Season 2 Episode 22

Applied Anthropology and Culinary Arts

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 28, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • I thought we were going elevator labor!

    The Anthropology final finds our study group drinking in their favorite blow off class until the Dean shows up. He's observing the class with a writer from Dean Magazine (Worst Idea for a Magazine Ever). Having not taught anything remotely related to Anthropology, Professor Duncan goes to get the test from his car, slinking away and leaving the class struggling to find excuses to also leave. Shirley soon finds herself in active labor and Chang asserts that is a family trait and the baby must be his. A race kerfuffle at the World Food Festival in the parking lot prevents Shirley from getting to the hospital. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed sell out their handshake to Pierce and then regret it. But they recapture the magic when something awesome happens again.

    Britta tries to show how comfortable she is with the situation, woman to woman. But she wants to take care of people so bad that she cares until she pukes when viewing the head crowning and loses her confidence. Jeff helps her realize she can help and Abed walks her through it(Abed having delivered a baby earlier in the year).

    Chang's family labor stories help Shirley through the birth and in gratitude, she names the baby after him even though it doesn't end up being his (all Changs are born with tails?). Baby Ben Bennett.