Season 2 Episode 12

Asian Population Studies

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 20, 2011 on Yahoo

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    A good episode of Community, I've watched a couple episodes in season 1, and things have definitely changed in season 2. I never knew Community would rely on relationship drama as the main focus of their episode, but we definitely got a lot of that here. From the bombshell of Shirley sleeping with Cheng on Halloween, to Jeff being jealous of Annie's new crush.

    I would have liked to see more scenes with the group all together, and not just so focused on the plots mentioned above, but this was still a pretty funny episode regardless of that. We've got classic Abed, Cheng being hilarious as usual, and we just got a lot of genuine laughs here, even though there were some things I could have done without. Like the wildly predictable Jeff "running in the rain" scene at the end, but I digress.
  • With this episode, Community moves back in the direction that made it one of the best shows on tv. The characters finally took center stage again. For me this is one of the best episodes of the season.

    Some of the best laughs for me were:
    -getting a glimpse into Troy and Pierce's home life when Troy tells everyone he checked "all of Peirce's wardrobes for portals to magical worlds"
    -Britta teasing Annie with, "Someone's finding river fingers with a cute boy!"
    -Chang eavesdropping from the top of the bookcase like a Cheshire cat
    -then Jeff saying Chang deserved a "pile of nothing" from the group.
    -Jeff calling Abed "brown Jamie Lee Curtis"
    -Pierce attempting to Tweet the secret Troy told him (about Shirley and Chang) less than one second after he vowed to Troy he would never tell anyone.
    -Jeff, trying to make Annie jealous, introducing Quendra to Troy and Pierce and telling them Quendra "might make a nice addition or two" to the group.
    -that Rich makes kettle corn in his garage. (New paragraph starts here-the formatting here is terrible) While I'm not a fan of the Chang-Shirley relationship, especially involving a baby in it, the other plot lines were funny again. (New paragraph starts here) Seeing Dr. Rich on "Troy and Abed in the Morning" was fun. I liked that more of Rich's character was developed, in such typical cheesy morning show fashion, by him telling that he carved the big wooden popcorn stirrer from an oak tree in his yard that was struck by lightning. (New paragraph starts here) I missed seeing the Dean, but I didn't miss what they had been doing to his character. That is, making him more and more perverted. With him, they left the balance point and went off the deep end in the episodes before Christmas. I hope they can restore the lost appeal that his character had back in season one. I love him as the strange and upbeat wacko who takes his role as the dean very seriously. (New paragraph starts here) Overall, this episode was on par with season one. This was a nice surprise for me because I had just about given up on ever getting episodes as good as season one again, and because of that, I had pretty much given up on the show itself. A glimmer of hope returns, but time will tell.