Season 4 Episode 11

Basic Human Anatomy

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 25, 2013 on Yahoo

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  • Didn't feel very Community

    I don't know, bt that story about body switching didn't feel very Community to me. Wasn't really happy about it. The whole purpose of the episode was to make Britta and Troy break up but I think they could (should?) have done it in a different way.
  • Kudos Jim Rash

    This man knows how to write! The episodes before this one were horrible, actually getting more horrible with every single one aired. But this . Dani Pudi is such a good actor. And Jim really knows how Community works. Hell he's been on it for 4 years! Let him write more, ditch Andy Bobrow, Gene Hong, Steve Basilone, Annie Mebane and Tim Saccardo !!! They're fucking horrible writers. Seriously. My 6 yrs old nephew could do a better job...
  • Community is back!

    This was the best episode of the season for me, it seems like the episodes this season keep getting better and we're reaching the level it used to be in the previous seasons. Apparently Jim Rash wrote the episode and I think he should do so more often, he's amazing!
  • Kind of Annoying

    There were parts to this episode which were great and one which I found annoying. The great being the Dean/Jeff/Annie interactions, this made up about half the episode. The annoying being the "body switching" story with Troy and Abed.

    Personal Rant - Abed is annoying to me. His quirks, his mannerisms and his annoying shrill shriek when he goes super rainman, as appose to regular rainman.
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