Season 3 Episode 17

Basic Lupine Urology

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 26, 2012 on Yahoo
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    Community: Greendale's Finest

    I'm no Law & Order-holic, but I've seen enough episodes to know that "Basic Lupine Urology" nailed all the important parts of the legendary procedural.

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    When the group's science project is destroyed, they decide to hold a trial to find the criminal, which a reluctant Professor Kane (Michael K. Williams) presides. While Troy and Abed believe they have discovers the perpetrator, Jeff soon realizes there's much more to the story than is believed.


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    • Merged themes

      I've just read quite a number of great and insightful comments here on this episode and have little to add to what was already said. I do want to point out that the intro music they used was a really smart blend of the intro music for both shows. It's really the Community theme, but done in L&O style. Maybe somebody else can articulate it better, but that was really something else! The attention to detail in this episode was just so amazing! And I am an L&O fan. :)moreless
    • Brilliant

      Community this time parodied Law And Order , and it hit the mark.The show proceeded in the exact manner courtroom-crime drama shows do ,but the comedy part was ever present.Community's innovative approach to presentation is definitely its strongest point.
    • Awesome episode!

      I just can't understand how can some people rate it as a 7/8 when the show is totally 10. This episode was a true masterpiece.
    • Greendale Blue

      I'll admit I'm not a fan of Police Procedual shows it's like how I feel about Westerns just not my genere, though I'll admit there are one or a few I like like "CSI (original version)", "The Shield" and "The Wire". But this episode I though was great because it parodied on both the TV show "Law and Order" and the genere in general.

      I really love how they had all of the format intact from the cinematography, pacing, detective work, and courtroom drama at the end. But most importantly everyone was playing it straight in the roles they had which is what always makes a parody work. Really liked Troy and Abed playing the detectives, really like how both of them were trying to be cooler than the other but I just really liked the dialog they had which was hillarious. Two favorate moments I loved were when Troy acted as a backpack snatching decoy, it was funny how he was acting because he is so obvious. The other was seeing the chase scene it was just funny seeing how unsmooth both Troy and Abed were but there were times when they looked at the camera.

      I also like the back and forth between both Jeff and Annie as the lawyers, one favorate moment was with Annie when she felt she scored a victory in the case she did a little dance. Even like the small role by Sherley as the Leutenant, the actress really felt like she could play this kind of role if ever in a serious police procedual show.

      But to me the great moment was when I saw one of my favorate actors Michael Ironside play a guest role in the episode. I'll be honest it was something I never though would happen in a million years, Michael Ironside in a comidy, he actually turned out to be funny because he was playing it straght, playing that hardened persona that he always does best.

      So, campus criminals beware, Greendale Blue will find you.moreless
    • Best TV episode of the season for me

      Any fan of Law & Order and Community cannot give this piece of anthology less than 10. It looked so much like a L&O episode. The director, editor and crew have to be commended for this accomplishment. The casting was perfect. Troy and Abed as the detectives may have been no-brainers, but still they did everything right. The "Why do they always have to run" bit was classic. I have to say I didn't mind less Britta and Pierce.

      While others may feel it felt too much like L&O and not enough like Community, I prefer Community when it goes all-out parody. They do it so well, that I feel sometimes shorted, like there's something missing during "regular" episodes.moreless

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