Season 2 Episode 4

Basic Rocket Science

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 14, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • Space Adventures

    Highlights (spoilers):


    - Pierce is claustrophobic and gets locked in a cage

    - Butthole flag flies

    - Annie lead the gang into a set-up

    - Greendale allows you to get a degree in theoretical Phys Ed

    - Product integration for KFC

    - City College and Greendale Community's rivalry

    - Awesome cardboard spaceships at the end
  • To me, the best comedy episode this season.

    I love it when a show that has a formulaic way of doing things veers off. Usually we are treated to half an hour of Jeff being cool, learning a lesson, everyone hugs, Abed & Troy do the comedy thing etc. It works but it gets old. That's why the "Batman Abed" episode was a hit and that's why I really liked this one.
    Yes, I know it's a cheap spoof of Apollo, but it was so well thought out in details I just laughed my head off, right from Abed looking up when the winnebago disappeared to Chase's maniac routine and Chang's auxiliary rerouting.
    And yes, the anus flag thing was cheap, as were all the dean jokes, but all in all it was such a fresh breeze that I simply didn't care.
    This is the best fun I've had this year sitting through half an hour of comedy and that deserves a 10.