Season 5 Episode 13

Basic Sandwich

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 17, 2014 on Yahoo

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  • I want one more season... or a movie

    I did not like the first part of the series finale very much, so I was a little bit unsure about the second half: Which way to go? What will the writers choose to do?

    But while watching, I have to admit, they chose the right path: It was funny, emotional and crazy enough to be called, from my point of view, a satisfactory ending.

    Abed's explanation of Britta's and Jeff's wedding plans made total sense and was absolutely fitting to the show's way of self-awareness.

    The Jeff-Annie angle was also perfectly executed, by showing their still deep connection without getting into too many details, or, what would have been worse, bringing them together for real. Leaving it open, as a question mark about what could happen, is an excellent idea. The audience may now choose its own preference: Couple or really good friends?

    The rest was quite hilarious: Duncan's electric shock and his facial expressions afterwards, the school board guys having names (yes, they do), trusting Chang with this large amount of money, the "sshhhh" scene, the tea-time scene, the mind-reading part...

    Community will be back, Community will be back, Community will be back... (I don't want it to end for good)
  • This will be my show's finale

    This show has changed too much for me. I just don't laugh, don't smile, don't enjoy, and I'm exasperated by pretty much everything.

    Harmon blew that season and that show for me.