Season 5 Episode 12

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Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 10, 2014 on Yahoo

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  • So the plan is?

    Until this moment I am not sure what to think about this half-finale.

    Even though I adore Community for its crazy ideas, twists and turns, surreal episodes, the Jeff-Britta angle has only been entertaining in the beginning, when she was way tougher and he just wanted to sleep with her, doing everything he could to make that happen.

    Now it felt quite forced and way too sudden, which in some way fits to the shows suprising factor, but I just thought "Meeehhh, not again".

    Abed's storyline was not as expertedly done as it could have been, it also felt rushed.

    Some jokes and dialogues were hilarious, as has already been mentioned by others in the review/comment section, so I hope that the second-half-finale will round it all up.

    The question remains (and will hopefully be answered soon): Do I want to end Community for good, or do I want to see one more season?
  • Clever episode

    Alround it was a good and clever episode, really showing how some of the characters on the show work. The ending was a bitsudden but I can't wait for the 2nd half of that finale. Definately streets ahead from last seasons bad-CGI-fest!