Season 3 Episode 1

Biology 101

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Sep 22, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • The group takes Biology while Pierce returns.


    What type of Community do you like most? When they do bottle episodes? When they choose a theme (like "paintball episode," or "animated Christmas episode" or even "Zombie/Halloween" episode? Do you like it when they focus on school stuff and just goof around? For me, I'm glad the show is able to shift so effortlessly from each of those. This episode starts off in a goofy Glee musical type way and quickly shifts back to the typical school one. It's the start of a new school year which means a new class with a new teacher and new problems.

    I really did enjoy this episode. I was sort of missing the rapid-fire jokes back and forth between each of the characters and I thought there was more focus here on simply explaining what Chang and Pierce were up to and on Jeff's anger at being out of the Biology class. However, the characters mesh so well together that it's impossible not to love every moment. Also, John Goodman's character should turn out to be an interesting villain throughout the season… I'm not sure he was used perfectly here, but he set up some pretty good jokes with the Dean (calling him a white Louis Gossett Jr.) There were a ton of awesome references here, including Abed's continued interest in Cougartown and Starburns asking Dr. King (the guy who played Omar in "The Wire) if they could get a Breaking Bad type situation going with weed.

    Community just seems like one of those shows that are difficult to dislike. For me, a sub-par episode of Community is better than a lot of comedy shows on TV right now. This wasn't a sub-par episode, but I know that the premiere was simply a set-up for what should be a great season of television.