Season 2 Episode 13

Celebrity Pharmacology

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 27, 2011 on Yahoo
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Greendale Community College is performing an anti-drug play at a nearby middle school. Pierce becomes very excited about performing and desires a bigger role and his behavior becomes over the top. Senor Chang comes to the rescue, making himself more admirable in the group's eyes.

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    I definitely enjoyed this episode better than last week, although both episodes were good, I laughed a lot more this week. Cheng was absolutely hysterical as usual, he never fails to make me laugh. Chevy Chase's character (who usually doesn't make me laugh) even made me laugh tonight, that means you're watching a good episode of Community when you consistently laugh throughout the entire episode.

    We also got some development with Shirley's pregnancy. I really didn't think this show needed a season arc like this one, but it's been enjoyable for the most part so far. An Annie-centric episode? She's pretty but she definitely isn't the funniest character of the show, and the episodes that I've watched as of late have been strangely focused on her. The cousin-aunt story line was absolutely hysterical. Great episode overall.moreless
Stevie Wash Jr.

Stevie Wash Jr.


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Joe Fria

Joe Fria

Cornelius Hawthorne

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Max Charles

Max Charles

Young Pierce

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Jim Rash

Jim Rash

Dean Pelton

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Luke Youngblood

Luke Youngblood


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    • Shirley: That was brave of you. I owe you an apology. It was rude to call you crazy. Maybe I haven't been giving you enough credit.
      Senor Chang: Oh, that's really sweet. Tell you what, (weird-crazy smile) why don't I go get Chang and you can tell him that yourself?

    • Senor Chang: Greetings, you little snots! (maniacally laughs)
      Girl: You're not drugs.
      Senor Chang: Oh, but I am! Disappointed? Did you expect me to stay the same forever? 'Cause that's not what drugs does, baby. I'm gonna deep-fry your dog and eat your momma's face. And I'm gonna wear your little brother's skin like pajamas! I control your lives and there is nothing you can do!

    • Dean Pelton: Here's the situation. We've got 50 at-risk preteens armed with baseballs, chanting for drugs, who just spent intermission eating nothing but Charleston Chews, thank God. Hope you can top act one is all I'm saying!!

    • Abed: Bzzz! Getting rid of drugs was a great i-bee-a.
      Troy: I'm flying higher than I ever have thanks to not drugs

    • (During the play's funeral scene)
      Dean Pelton: Well that answers my question. Jeff Winger is sexy even in a coffin. Mmm!

    • Jeff: Abed, we screwed up. You know that text we sent? It was to Britta's nephew. He sent her an emoti-penis. What are we going to do?
      (Abed just stares at Jeff)
      Jeff: Fine. Screw you, Abed. I can fix this. (Writing the text) Marcus, I made a mistake. I texted the wrong person last night.
      (reading the response) 'You called me by name. It wasn't a mistake. Don't be afraid.'
      (Jeff looks at Abed and Abed just stares at him again)
      Jeff: Screw you, Abed.

    • Pierce: There's a rapist in the hallway.
      Annie: That's my landlord. And if he wanted to rape you, you'd be raped.

    • Abed: Annie, question. Is Pierce Marijuana? And does Marijuana help people work faster? I thought it made them just custom-paint their vans and solve mysteries.

    • Chang: Are you ignoring me because I'm Korean?
      Shirley: You're Chinese.
      Chang: Oh, there's a difference?

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: January 27, 2011 on Citytv,
      Sweden: May 7, 2011 on TV6,
      Czech Republic: January 29, 2013 on SMICHOV,