Season 1 Episode 16

Communication Studies

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 11, 2010 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

It's Valentines Day at Greendale and Jeff is looking forward to his first V-Day with Professor Slater. Jeff checks his voicemail to discover that Britta has drunk dialed him and left an embarrassing phone message. Calling her out on it, Britta is too ashamed to hang around Jeff and starts acting weird around him. Abed is concerned that she will leave the group now that she's lost her dignity and suggests that Jeff gets drunk enough to call her back and restore the balance of power. Things go a little too far though as Jeff and Abed get so drunk that Jeff can't remember calling both Britta and Slater, and Abed can't remember any movie or tv references. Meanwhile, Troy and Pierce are disappointed they didn't receive any Valentines Day gifts and make up for it by sending themselves gifts in Chang's class. He spots their attempt and humiliates them in class. To get back at Chang, Annie and Shirley concoct a scheme to send Chang a fake letter from Princeton offering him a job. Chang sees through the ruse and blames it on Troy and Pierce, forcing them to wear ladies pantsuits to the upcoming V-Day dance.

At the dance, Jeff meets up with Slater who offers him the cold shoulder as she thought his drunken call to her was really to reach Britta. Jeff runs into a dressed up Britta at the dance who thanks Jeff for inviting her as his date. Jeff, unable to remember anything, apologies to her but worries about the implications for his relationship. Britta then reveals that she was just messing with him to get even as Slater shows up and sees them. With Jeff having nothing to say, Britta saves the day and reveals that Jeff's phone call was actually to exclaim how much he's into Slater and doesn't want to screw it up. Annie and Shirley reveal their deception to Troy and Pierce, but the two guys suck it up and protect the girls from Chang's wrath. Troy and Pierce dance uncomfortably with Chang on the floor. As Jeff is leaving the dance with Slater, he glances back (longingly?) at Britta having fun with the gang.
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