Season 1 Episode 16

Communication Studies

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 11, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • Jeff gets in to trouble with Michelle when attempting to reconcile awkwardness between himself and Britta over a drunken phone call. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed get humiliated by Chang after their plans backfire.

    I had to watch this episode twice to really appreciate it, the first time it was just a little too uncomfortable. The drunk dialing story line felt a bit forced and watching Chang grind with Troy was almost too much to stomach (excruciating!). But seeing it again, it was a pretty clever episode and worked well to develop the complexity of Jeff and Britta's relationship, as well as Abed's ability to be a good friend and director. I really do have to wonder where they are going with the Jeff and Britta storyline though. The neat part is that they are making it very clear just how important the other friends are to maintaining that relationship. I won't award this full marks just because I worry that they're doing too much character building at a time when they need to nail down the laughs to build an audience. I think there is a short break while the Olympics are on, so let's hope for more Community goodness when it comes back.