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NBC (ended 2014)

As I'm rewatching the fourth season of Community, I'm beginning to realize that the season isn't as bad as I had once thought. Now before you bring out the torches and ostracize me from the Community community like Pierce from Dungeons and Dragons, allow me to explain.

We went into the season knowing that Dan Harmon was fired. He wasn't silently let go and brushed to the side, this figurehead was publicly stripped from his creation, like a mother being torn from her child, and forced to watch as two completely different people attempt to make it their own.

Because of this, we went into the show biased against Moses and David. In all fairness, they never stood a chance.

Now I will admit, the season did have its faults. It felt like the showrunners were trying too hard to make it quirky without having the skills to follow through(the half-assed Rope homage in the aptly titled episode "Intro to Knots"), but what it lacked in technicals and writing, it made up for with character development.

Over the course of the season, we saw Jeff Winger meet his dad, Troy and Britta get together then break up, Abed start to see someone(played by the perfectly cast Brie Larson), and even Jeff graduate from Greendale and move on.

We had a few gimmick episodes as well, complete with a puppets-on-psychotropic-berries musical sequence.

All that aside, there was a lot missing from this season. The Troy/Britta relationship felt forced and the breakup was anticlimactic, even the season-long "Changnesia" story arc had zero payoff. It felt like the show-runners were big picture people and had no idea on how to get from point A to point B(something Harmon was too involved with(which may have been a factor in his dismissal)).

One of the major themes with the show is the acceptance of failure, and at this point in the game, its fitting. Everyone came to Greendale after giant tragedies in their lives. Jeff was just disbarred, Troy lost his scholarship, Shirley had just gotten a divorce, and Greendale accepted them as they are- imperfect human beings. Shouldn't we do the same for them?

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