A Community Community
Tuesday 12:00 AM on Yahoo

Community very early on involved twitter in the show, I'm sure you can recall "Old White Man Says" and "He tweeted iiiiiiiittttt!" and many others as well. It's also been a way to interact with the actors, writers, showrunner and producers. I joined twitter FOR Community, I wanted the inside scoop, I wanted to interact with the actors, hopefully get a reply and occasionally I have. But something else happened that I didn't expect, I started to interact with other fans. Since I joined over a year and a half ago I've met hundreds of fans, interacted with most of them and even become friends with many. If you haven't joined twitter yet and want to meet fans, talk about the show and even help in efforts to keep it going, you need to join the multitude of fans on twitter, you won't regret it.

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