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In the ramp-up to Community's fifth season, fans' anticipation was all about the return of series creator and showrunner Dan Harmon. But as the season drew even nearer, a seemingly endless parade of guest stars was announced, the likes of which could have filled an entire season of Hollywood Game Night

And now Season 5 has come and gone, and the sour taste of Season 4 is but a distant memory. But what about those guest stars? Did they live up to the billing? With no reason other than "because we can," we've decided to revisit Community's Season 5 guest stars and rate each one of them on a scale of one to five MeowMeowBeenz (MMBz). Share your own ratings in the comments!

Note: This story only covers guest stars who were new in Season 5, so you won't find Rob Corddry's Alan, Levar Burton's Levar Burton, or Brie Larson's Rachel in the listings below.

Walton Goggins

Where you know him from: Boyd Crowder on Justified, Shane on The Shield, Venus van Dam on Sons of Anarchy

Who'd he play on Community?: Mr. Stone, the representative of Pierce Hawthorne's estate in "Cooperative Polygraphy" 

How the guest visit went: For most of the episode, Goggins was fairly reserved, acting as a simple mouthpiece for Pierce. But then came the end tag, where he came out of his shell and begged the study group to hang out and be friends with him in one of the episode's funniest moments. Guest appearance saved!

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Katie Leclerc

Where you know her from: Daphne on ABC Family's Switched at Birth

Who'd she play on Community?: Carol, Abed's deaf friend from "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking." Or as Britta put it, "another intense burst of compatibility with a girl that we'll never see again"

How the guest visit went: None of the guest stars in this episode were used very well, but Leclerc probably got the best material of all of them (not to mention the most screen time). Of course, that's not saying a whole lot, and in the end, Britta paid her off to ruin Abed's enjoyment of Bloodlines of Conquest with spoilers, and that is NOT COOL. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Kumail Nanjiani

Where you know him from: Dinesh on Silicon Valley, various characters on Portlandia, a whole ton of guest appearances on other shows, and sometimes Franklin & Bash 

Who'd he play on Community?: Lapari, one of the janitor underlings in "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking" 

How the guest visit went: Not well. He barely had anything to do, and didn't even get to rattle off a joke. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Nathan Fillion

Where you know him from: Really? You don't know? Firefly, Castle, and Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog 

Who'd he play on Community?: Head Janitor Bob Waite in "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking" 

How the guest visit went: Only slightly better than those of his fellow guest stars, mostly because he had more screen time. Fillion's sad face when his internet porn was blocked was a highlight, but other than that, he was criminally underused. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Paget Brewster

Where you know her from: Criminal Minds, where she played Emily Prentiss

Who'd she play on Community?: Debra Chambers, Greendale's network administrator

How the guest visit went: Quickly! Brewster was in the episode for 40 seconds (I counted) and then never heard from again. She did get to bemoan the fact that she had to park like a lunch lady, though. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Robert Patrick

Where you know him from: He's the T-1000 from Terminator 2

Who'd he play on Community?: Waldron, the head of parking from "Analysis of Cork-Based Networking"

How the guest visit went: Patrick's visit was another quick turn from a big-name guest, but his character had the best lines of them all: "You know what takes my power away? Carpools... carpools organized through ride shares." "You can take the books off your head because we're done posturing." "You want to talk turkey, well gobble, gobble. I want ride shares gone."

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Brian Posehn & Steve Agee

Where you know them from: Sarah Silverman's gay friends on The Sarah Silverman Show 

Who'd they play on Community?: David and Bixel, the developers of the social networking app "MeowMeowBeenz" in "App Development and Condiments"

How the guest visit went: They quickly introduced the app and that was about it, but they also squeezed in a good dig in at Boost Mobile phones, and Posehn received a phone reminder to poop. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Mitch Hurwitz

Where you know him from: He's the creator of Arrested Development!

Who'd he play on Community?: Koogler! From "App Development and Condiments" 

How the guest visit went: Ummm... AWESOME. The Koogs was the five-meowmeowbeenz party animal of the school, hangin' with the ladies and parking in handicapped spots (that's just part of the Koogler style). Plus he got the end tag all to himself in an '80s movie trailer spoof that showcased just how Koogs the Koogs can be. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: A perfect 

Tim Heideker & Eric Wareheim

Where you know them from: It's Tim & Eric! 

Who'd they play on Community?: A couple weirdos in "App Development and Condiments"

How the guest visit went: Strange, which was perfect for these two. Not only did they own their status as "Fours," but Tim thought he caught Britta and Jeff in a forbidden love between two people with different meowmeowbeenz ratings and admitted that he'd once loved a Two and would keep their secret. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Vince Gilligan

Where you know him from: He's the creator of Breaking Bad!

Who'd he play on Community?: Devon, star of the VCR game Pile of Bullets

How the guest visit went: Everyone should have been nervous about Gilligan's role since he had never acted before, but dammit, he was great. And as the only person who understands the rules of Pile of Bullets, he's invaluable.

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Gina Gershon

Where you know her from: You SHOULD know her from Bound and hopefully Showgirls, and if you don't, go rent both of those movies immediately and have a bottle of your-choice alcohol on hand

Who'd she play on Community?: Devon's wife in the end tag of "VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing"

How the guest visit went: She only appeared in the end tag, but this is how quick stunt casting should be done. Bring her in for a completely unrelated part of the story and wrap it up quick. That's a true cameo. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

David Cross 

Where you know him from: Never-nude Tobias from Arrested Development, the non-Bob portion of Mr. Show

Who'd he play on Community?: Hickey's son Hank in "Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons"

How the guest visit went: Okay, but not that great. Cross is an outstanding performer, but his character was pretty forgettable in Community's second D&D outing. He did sing, though, and he really knew his way around D&D parlance. 

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Chris Elliott

Where you know him from: Get a LifeEagleheartThere's Something About Mary

Who'd he play on Community?: Russell Borchert, the founder of Greendale Computery College, which eventually became Greendale Community College. And apparently he had sex with computers and was never seen again... until "Basic Sandwich." 

How the guest visit went: See that blurb above? That's a fascinating character with backstory, and Elliott was great as the disgusting slob. Plus he's the only guest star who wore a ridiculous wig, and that goes a long way on lists like this one.

MeowMeowBeenz rating: 

Who was your favorite Season 5 guest star?

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