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We all knew this would happen, didn't we? Hulu—the streaming-video site owned by a bunch of mega-corporations that is currently battling Netflix and Amazon (and losing)—is in talks to revive the recently canceled NBC sitcom Community, according to Deadline. Which means that yes, the show's famous #sixseasonsandamovie prophecy might come true after all. 

But before you get too excited or angry or verklempt, let's get one thing out of the way right up front: Community's potential revival is just that—a potential revival. As in, all that's happening right now are discussions, and Season 6 is in no way guaranteed. 

Also, of course Hulu is talking to Sony Pictures TV about saving the low-rated, beloved-by-a-passionate-few (including yours truly) cult comedy. This news should surprise no one—especially since Sony floated the idea of resurrecting the show pretty much as soon as it was axed. 

Point is, we should all temper our hopes. 

And with all that said, OMFGOFMOGMOMFMOGMOFMGMOFOMMFGF! Take my money and my firstborn, Hulu! Community's fifth season proved that the series still had some magic left in its hat, and if any comedy is destined to eke out a sixth season, however miraculously, it's Community. Not only are there are plenty of reasons to be excited about a platform like Hulu and the creativity it could offer a show Community, but even mediocre episodes of Community are better than half the network sitcoms out there. 

However, we also have to remember that once Donald Glover said goodbye to the seriesCommunity did have trouble filling the void left in Troy's wake. And if I were Sony TV, I wouldn't let the Hulu version of Community stray too far from the 22-minute format since there's still syndication money to be had.

All of Community's important "stakeholders," including series creator Dan Harmon, are reportedly into the idea on paper. Again, a sixth season is still a long way from a done deal, but for you Greendale fanatics out there, it's the first step toward hope. 

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