Over the weekend, Dan Harmon was working with one of his writers, Chris McKenna, on a season five script, and I guess at some point, he got bored, or anxious, or felt a particular powerful urge of self-loathing, and ended up on the Unpopular Opinions About the “Unpopular Opinions About Community” subreddit, which is basically like running in front of a firing squad. Anyway, he ended up spending some time kind of feeding the trolls, and then defending his need to feed the trolls. Basically, someone suggested that season four of Community, which most agree was not very good, was all Dan Harmon’s fault because season three was a mess. This is not only an unpopular opinion, but it’s not a deeply held opinion anywhere except for, like, three guys on Reddit. Nevertheless, Dan Harmon felt the need to rebut that unpopular, minority opinion because Dan Harmon is kind of crazy. IN A GOOD WAY.

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Well, I do blame the Chang/Kevin story line on Harmon. Season 3 gave us crazy Chang. What were the writers supposed to do with that.
try and make it funny?
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