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You know what sucks? This: Donald Glover will only appear in five episodes of Community's upcoming 13-episode fifth season, according to Vulture. There've been whispers about Glover looking to reduce his role ever since the stunning Season 5 renewal was announced, and it appears that Sony TV and Glover have agreed to a middle ground between what Sony wanted (lots and lots of Troy Barnes) and what Glover wanted (adios!). 

But how will Community explain Troy's obvious lack of screen time? Here are some possibilities I thought up in like 30 seconds:

1. Ummm... Troy/Donald left to become a super famous rapper, duh.

2. Troy got cornered by a gang of gnome figurines/locked in the Dreamatorium/lost in a blanket fort/stuck in an air duct while doing air-conditioning repair.

3. Three words: buttered noodle incident.

4. Epic Jehovah's Witness door-to-door pilgrimage!

5. Paralyzed due to a Levar Burton sighting

6. He's off crying somewhere.

7. Some crazy shit Dan Harmon comes up with. 

8. Wins a contest to star in the blacksploitation version of Inspector Spacetime, Inspectah Spacetizzy.

9. Troy's already had sex with Britta, what reason does he have left to stay? (Annie's not his type.)

10. Dark, depressing descent into no-no juice addiction following the death of Kickpuncher.

11. Community won't address it; the show will just pull a New Girl and replace him with another funny black guy.

How do you think Community will (or should) explain Troy's reduced role on the show?

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