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Abandon all hope, ye who believe Community will find a new home somewhere else. Well, abandon most of your hope. After NBC canceled the cult comedy this spring, the inevitable "Community is in talks with [digital media outlet]" started with Hulu, who was said to be interested in bringing the series back for a sixth season.

Well that ain't happening, says TV Line. Talks between Community's studio, Sony Pictures TV, and Hulu have ended, leaving the future of Community relegated to late-night repeats. 

Unless of course another outlet comes about to save the day, but they'd need to do it quick. The contracts of the Greendale Gang (well, the actors) expires on June 30, at which point getting them all on board to sign on for more Community would become that much more difficult. And whatever little bird is talking about the Hulu deal also hints that another suitor is currently considering saving Community and that Sony is definitely not ready to give up, according to TV Line, so once again we can all cling on to that last shred of hope instead of accepting the inevitable. 

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AIRED ON 4/17/2014

Season 5 : Episode 13

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