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Well, it was fun while it lasted. NBC has canceled Community after four amazing seasons and one other season, cutting short the series' "Six Seasons and a Movie!" prophecy by about 13 episodes, or maybe one six-episode goodbye, plus that film. The news comes as part of the bloodbath of renewals and cancellations that is the week before Upfronts, which in previous years resulted miracle surprise renewals for the Dan Harmon comedy

And that's the part we should really focus on. Because honestly, Community never should've made it this far once you factor in the business of television. Bogged down with crummy ratings for five seasons, it's a frickin' wonder that the show lasted as long as it did. Yes, you can be sad, but don't forget to look at the big picture. And for that I'm going to do something I never thought I'd do: Thank you, NBC. Kind of. 

Elsewhere at NBC, Revolution has been powered down for good after two seasons and not one single request for a movie. The Eric Kripke drama was an out-of-the-blocks gangbuster thanks largely to its post-The Voice time slot in Season 1, but its ratings eroded as the season wore on. It was moved to Wednesdays at 8pm for Season 2, where it began to crater despite an initial jumpstart in creativity, and by the second half of the season I had no idea what the hell was going on. Aaron really should have continued setting people on fire with his mind. 

I leave you with this .GIF of Charlie's "candy" ass.

UPDATE: NBC has also canceled Growing Up Fisher, which was a comedy that NBC was airing, apparently. It was a midseason entry along with About a Boy, which was renewed for a second season

UPDATE #2: NBC has also killed the Alfonso Cuarón supernatural series Believe, and the Dermot Mulroney and Gillian Anderson hostage drama Crisis. Both shows debuted as part of NBC's late-midseason schedule, and neither has finished airing its first (and now last) season. Both shows were pulled from the network's schedule last week, and there's no word on when or if remaining episodes might air; I'd expect some sort of summer burn-off. 

UPDATE #3: NBC has staked Dracula after only one season. 

Alright everyone, voice your complaints, anger, and/or jubilation in the comments!

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