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May 27, 2015
S6, Ep 12 - Wedding Videography - an even greater gimmick callback, yet a departure
Having just finished this episode, I feel conflicted. It was very funny and had some quite interesting character moments, lots of character integrity. Yet while watching it, I never felt like I was entirely engaging with my show "Community", and that may have been the point. Wedding Videography was essentially another gimmick episode on the heels of a gimmick episode, and it was a callback in that it was Abed playing videographer again, yet this episode felt extremely unique and fresh and, in some ways, more grounded, more thoughtful than a Community episode has attempted before.

This episode felt like it peeled back some of the layers of the Community style and premise, threw out some of the over-the-top character baggage so that when Chang and the Dean went to their standard places, it still felt like something you might actually see in a believable setting. (Yes, even if that ...Read more
May 19, 2015
Ep 11 - Modern Espionage - brilliant, clever, funny, paintball
Well, ultimately this episode is tragic in that it got lost in Yahoo Screen instead of being an event all of us could watch and talk about together, because this was a ton of fun. Yes, it's another paintball episode, but with a pretense of deconstructing paintball episodes while actually making a surprisingly entertaining action thriller taking place at Greendale. Yes, the matter of Silver Balls just fell off, and the resolution was brief, and Chang disappeared for most of the episode; but we got Garrett's standup act, we got the gang having to act like babies, we got that opening scene and credits, and we got the Dean's elevator scene. I fear that I could have watched an hour-long cut of this episode easily, and I hate saying that about gimmick episodes but this worked.

Unfortunately, Yahoo Screen seems to have divided us as a Community ...Read more
Apr 15, 2015
How is everyone else finding this season?
I was just wondering how other people were finding this season? I don't know know about you guys but I'm finding it very "meh", which is probably the worst feeling you could have for anything. I am not loving it the same way I was in the first 3 seasons and I don't feel the anger I had during the 4th.

I have just been finding that things happen in the episodes and there are some jokes but it seems kind of like they are "going threw the motions" in the last couple of episodes. Don't get me wrong I find that there are some funny bits but I find they are overthrown by some slow pacing, having some characters feel OOC and having episodes feel long.

Also I wish that they just posted all the episodes at once because without ads reminding me I keep ...Read more
Apr 07, 2015
Laws of Robotics and Party Rights, or How to Stink Up a Community Episode
So, I just watched the latest episode of Community on Yahoo Screen, and unfortunately it's the worst of the season so far. Not only was Chang back to being a background noise generating pointless gags, but every storyline was a poorly-executed outing with limp results. The roaming ipads turned this into a gimmick episode, and the premise of Jeff being a lazy teacher getting under the skin of a popular new convict leading to attempted murder made for a singular funny moment and a nonsensical payoff later when we find out more about the guy. Everything just felt unpolished and halfassed.

This was the first Community episode since season 4 where I felt like the show had run aground, and that's a shame.
Nov 09, 2014
Looking for Steve Allen Show Fans
Are there any genuine Steve Allen Show fans out there? I'm trying to identify a episode where Steve had a contest to give away a canon. Anyone remember that? Is there an online fan club?
Jul 06, 2013
What Will Community Season 5 Be Like?

If you think about it each season of Community has been really stylistically different from the others. There aren't too many shows that can say that, the only ones that come to mind are Avatar: The Last Airbender (each season exploring different parts of the world) and Earth: Final Conflict (because of the cast changes and the woeful decline in quality).

I'm interested by the change of style from Season 2 (my favourite) to Season 3. Reading Dan Harmon comments at the time he wanted to add recurring stories (e.g. the rise of Chang) and to dish out Community weirdness in little doses within episodes more than showcasing themed episodes, and this gave Season 3 a different flavour to Season 2 (even though there were some themed episodes later in the season). I can't say I enjoyed the different style of Season 3 as much as ...

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