Season 1 Episode 12

Comparative Religion

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 10, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Love the show, this episode sucked. Tolerant? GTFO

    I'm sick and tired of all the "tolerant" this and that, get over yourselves people! First of all, it's CHRISTMAS. Christmas carols were written years and years ago and they're ageless classics that shouldn't be tainted by some hyper tolerant new age freaks. If you don't like the songs, don't sing them. We shouldn't have to change the lyrics for anyone. I HIGHLY doubt any other country in the world would go as far as to stop saying the name of holidays on their holidays and change lyrics just to appease a small group of VISITORS that have no real entitlement there in the first place.

    Anyway, this show is awesome but c'mon here! An excellent season otherwise so far. Now I see what all the hype was about, this show is highly underrated.
  • During the community colleges PC Winter fair Abed is confronted by a bully. Jeff steps in and backs the guy down, but later has to fight him after school. Shirley not realizing the diverse nature of the group plans a Christmas party for her friends.

    Overall not a very funny episode. A 6.5 is probably a little too positive but I'll stick with it for the time being. Nothing overly funny about this episode in which we find out what a diverse group of people we have in this little band of college students. We also really find out what a truly noble person Jeff is and how much this group of people have become friends. For when push comes to shove even Shirley jumps to protect Jeff in the end.

    There are a few scenes I'm sure that were thrown in for comic relief but to be honest nothing really funny happened in this episode. Sometimes I think this show is a little to satirical for its own good.

    For those of you not aware, that was Anthony Michael Hall who has fallen to playing bullies in cameo's for pretty poorly scripted comedies.

    Nothing much else to say other than I hope things get a little funnier in the second half of the season and we find more things to laugh at. Thanks for reading...
  • One of their best yet

    This episode was fantastic. If you enjoy a sitcom taking pot shots at various religions, you'll love this one. Political correctness takes a holiday.

    We find out that the group has a diversity in its faiths or in Britta's case, lack of. I like how they portray Shirley's christian overbearing-ness (btw probably her best episode yet).

    Pierce continues his hilarious run in the series. From the obvious cult references (/cough Tom Cruise /cough) to Rocky's chicken, "get your teeth knocked out by a republican" & "Jewey". Troy is a bit hit & miss so far. Fortunately he was pretty funny in this episode. "why does she have to be black?" & the cruel Forrest Whitaker line.
  • During christmas tie, the groups religious differences cause conflict.

    I dont even understand how you can watch this show and not think its AMAZING! The writing is terrific, combined with excellent delivery. If you're not the type of person that could watch the office(seasons1-3) and laugh, then you're probably not right for this show either. It is made up of very intelligent and witty dialogue. This isnt the show for you if you watch for fart jokes or physical comedy. I watch this and have to pause it just to absorb how funny the show is before i can keep watching because sooo many things are funny. I just wish more people could see what i see, i REALLY hope they dont anel this, i might have to give up hope on television if they do.