Season 2 Episode 9

Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 18, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • An episode perfect for conspiracy nuts and Community Fans alike! [Spoiler Alert]

    I have to say, although not as good as last week's bottle episode, I thoroughly enjoyed this weeks conspiracy episode. I could see many of the conspiracies coming however I loved Annie, Jeff, and the Dean trying to pull one over each other. I ESPECIALLY loved the Dean's freakout at the end! For some reason I enjoyed it immensely! I also enjoyed the moments between Annie and Jeff. The writer's really did just leave their relationship alone. But like every single other little detail on the show, I shouldn't have fretted. The writers never seem to leave little things alone. I'm glad they decided to come back to it! I also noticed Brita noticing that spark between Jeff and Annie in the final scenes. I, personally am more of a Jeff/Brita fan, but if the writers are leaving that alone and still letting Brita recover from the whole fiasco of the last season finale, I suppose I can to. It'll get resolved eventually. Speaking of leaving things alone. I found it very odd that Pierce didn't speak at all during the episode. Perhaps, it's just me being paranoid, the writer's making the viewer think that there is a subplot that is being hidden, or he just simply had nothing to say (however, 'old man says' says differently). I still think something was going on. Especially at the end in the blanket fort, Pierce and Shirley were wearing those fast food t-shirts. What and why? I mean normally Shirley and Pierce do not have storylines together. And what possessed Brita to finally show up at Troy and Abed's blanket fort? And is it my imagination or just my paranoia, but Brita said "Heey guys" waay too calmly. I really hope that the writers come back to it... or point it out. Or I suppose they could just stick with the whole conspiracy plot and never tell us. But with the writers of Community, I have a feeling that they will at least refer to it once in the episodes to come. I hope. Finally, Abed and Troy's blanket fort. Two words: Freaking awesome! I seriously want to build a blanket fort now. Troy and Abed will never cease to amaze me. Now my friends I will leave you with one thing. The truth is out there. Or is it?