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Season 2 Episode 9

Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 18, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • Inseption

    This is another of my personal favorate epiosdes, it's just a great because it both satires and parodies on the suspense thriller genere along with it's elements and cleches. This is something not parodied much the only other one I can think of is the movie "Burn After Reading".

    There are a lot of great moments like Jeff going in slow motion about to save Annie from an unspetacular model car explossion. I really loved the back and forth between both Annie and Jeff, I liked that there was a bit of sexual tention overtone thoughout it, which is true in most suspense thrillers, for some reason dangerous thrilling experences make both the boy and girl duo hot for one another.

    And of course there are two of my favorate moments. One, which of course is typical chase scene, but this was a great chase scene because of how non cleche and daft it was. Instead of running though a city each of them had to crawl though a blanket fort. I'll admit that blanket fort Abed and Troy built I thought looked cool, just the way it's detailed in archetechture and what was in there, it really looked and felt like it could be a funtional city. But anyway, this chase scene is both thrilling and funny because it's also kinda the slowest chase I've ever seen, well their all crawling you can only go so fast. However to make this chase intersting was the fact that it including the cleche of things just coming out of nowhere, which is always just a device just to create dificulty for the pursuers; one of those was some sort of parade which was hillarous not just because that's also common in suspense thrillers but just the fact they can even have a parade at all in such small space.

    And of course it gets down to the final moment which is my favorate where Annie, Jeff, and the Dean are just pointing guns at one another and shooting. This I found hillarous because it parodies on how sometimes when the main protagonist is gunned down but then miraculously survives, as well as the twists/reveals at the very end. What were seeing at the end is basically a twist within a twist, scheme within a scheme, man wrap your head around that.

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