Season 1 Episode 21

Contemporary American Poultry

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 22, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • One of the greatest episodes of any TV show ever!

    Community in the beginning was an okay show. Nothing special, just something I watched because it was on before Parks and Rec. But as the show went on the quality of it increased. And when this episode aired it became my favorite show of all time. Danny Pudi's performance is probably the best of the series. Abed is one of the funniest TV characters since Kramer. The rest of the cast is great too, Donald Glover from Derrick Comedy plays cocky Troy Barnes. Chevy Chase's comeback as the racist, yet somewhat love-able Pierce Hawthorne. With the whole crazy cast together it somehow works. I look forward to many seasons with this show!
  • Major mess up! You'll watch it again and again.

    Great episode. An exceptionally close look into the strange world of Abed's mind-- gangster style! When the fragile ego of Jeff meets the inexplicable managerial skills of a certain former Fillafal fry cook, the Community aficionado leaves satisfied (even if the cafeteria runs short of chicken fingers). But you have to question who is running quality control over at NBC.
    About halfway through the episode, Jeff confronts the group about their sudden allegiance to Abed and his underground fried chicken franchise. As you watch the episode, look at the wall behind Jeff's left shoulder. An animal rights sign and a caution sign jump in and out of existence from moment to moment. It has a mesmerizing effect-- I don't even remember what the characters were talking about and I watched five times. And the enjoyment won't stop there. Watch the entire episode over and over again-- you'll see. The whole show gets sucked into an extra-dimensional scavenger hunt for other goofs. Was it a mess up? Was it a Peta or Animal Liberation Front political statement? We do learn the Britta is a vegetarian in this episode. Either way, my guess is that someone has lost their job over this one.
  • Fantastic episode, freakin' awesome.

    Community never fails to amaze me at how well it spoofs pop culture, this time, it's the mobster movie, everything was done brilliantly. The whole syndicate worked to perfection and Abed played the mob boss perfectly. Jeff got away with feeling jealous, because he turned out to be right when the group realized they were becoming power mad. Now the episode itself was simply funny because of the great pop culture references,that's really all it had, but since it was so perfectly spoofed it was acceptable. Now I just want to see where they go with the next episode, I'm definitely excited.