Season 1 Episode 21

Contemporary American Poultry

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Apr 22, 2010 on Yahoo



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  • Quotes

    • Troy: He released Annie's Boobs. Annie's Boobs could be anywhere.
      Shirley: We get it! You named your monkey Annie's Boobs.

    • Jeff: To victory, it feels unfamiliar but it tastes like chicken.

    • Dean: Do you know who might have stolen a box of hair nets from the kitchen?
      Abed: Someone with hair.
      Dean: I'm gonna write that down.

    • Abed: At that moment, we stopped being a family, and started being a italics.

    • Troy: If God were edible, not that I'm Catholic, but if it was cool to eat God, he'd be a chicken finger.

    • Jeff: Why do you have a monkey?
      Troy: Uh it's an animal that looks like a dude. Why don't I have ten of them?

    • Troy: I think I'm failing psycho-pharmacology.
      Britta: Why are you taking that?
      Troy: I thought it was a class about crazy farm animals, okay?!

  • Notes

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: April 22, 2010 on Citytv,
      Latin America: June 24, 2010 on Sony Entertaiment Television (a.k.a. Canal Sony),
      Sweden: November 15, 2010 on TV6,
      Czech Republic: January 12, 2013 on SMICHOV,

  • Allusions

    • Abed (voiceover): As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in a Mafia movie.

      This line, complete with the voiceover, is a reference to the opening of the movie Goodfellas.

    • Stargate

      When the paper shows Starburns chicken finger scandal, the Headline reads Star-Gate. Below that is the line "Headline in reference to Watergate, not the 1994 Sci-Fi"

    • The Godfather

      Troy slowly closing the door on Jeff with Italian music playing in the background is a reference to the ending of the 1972 movie The Godfather.

    • Jeff: (about Abed) He's gone from lovable Johnny Five to evil Hal.

      This line references robot characters from two movies; Johnny Five from Short Circuit and HAL 9000 from 2001: A Space Odyssey.