Season 4 Episode 3

Conventions of Space and Time

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 21, 2013 on Yahoo

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  • Great show! Great Season!

    Why it seems like im one of the few who liked this season? its more focus on relationships, like troy+britta / troy+abed and jeff+annie. i actually thought its a great idea cuz their characteristics may influent an episode in a good way!

    Anyway, just saying that i liked those couple issues and aproved the season, hope they get the advantages of it in the next season and get an avarage rate 8+ for the season 4
  • a great cameo

    By a Little Britain co founder. Working in a Nigerian back and No one returned your emails? Why :)

    for those of you hating the Britta/ Troy relationship, keep in mind Harmon started that last season with his own writing in the Blade episode. It doesn't work which is refreshing,but it's NECESSARY. Necessary for Troy to grow up and for Britta to leave the world of dating horrible men behind. Plus, who could hate the gymnastics she pulls off to not get caught by Abed, until he proclaims to known all along but kept mum to keep getting donuts.

    This is a 6 for me but bumped up due to Pierce being written as every test audience that killed a British masterpiece while showing how stupid TV executives are. And because of the "No Harmon it's a 2 rating hipster fan club"
  • It was good but....

    This was a decent episode but I in general I never really care for Abed story lines. I find Abed to be an annoying character.
  • Loved it

    I love Community and while it hasn't hit its stride yet, I don't see the show as negatively as other folks. I think they're on their way to delivering a really great fourth season. My friends agreed; I work at DISH and had a couple coworkers over to watch the show, and they loved it. I've decided to record and keep this season on my DVR in case it's the last. I have the Hopper by DISH, which has two thousand hours of storage space on it, so I have more than enough to save the season, and still record all my other favorite shows.
  • Self referential, requires a rewatch.

    Let me remind you that this is the show that spent a whole season trying to find its footing, season one was so full of duds that it struggled to find consistency, then at the middle to end of season one it just clicked. Now bear with me, season one was 24 episodes, so that means it didn't find itself until episode 12ish, so thee writers, given a 13 episode season need to be allowed to have the same time to settle in, I would expect that it starts really gelling toward episode seven or eight. I enjoyed the episode but it felt like they were really trying too hard to involve all of the characters. It was the Pierce and Shirley story that really hit home for me, the writers were referencing their own venture into taking a show and making it enough of what it was without being afraid to show themselves, I feel its brave and admirable.
  • always a fan

    i like this show. but i don't think britta-troy and annie-jeff is right; i didn't see the spark that britta-jeff had, it's like britta and jeff are of different generations from troy and annie and they shouldn't mix or pair. i mean they're all okay as friends, but love? i don't see it. wish they'd steer the story to when it was like before when it's britta-jeff and troy-annie. i mean troy-annie look cute together, but britta and troy? no chemistry there.
  • Lacklustre

    there is only one point i would like to make/test:

    my problem is that the actors themselves just don't seem that interested in doing community anymore. it is like watching them do work that they are overpaid to do and just go home, eat some takeout, watch tv and fall asleep with their shirts all smudged. anyone else get this feeling? i'm not getting any sort of emotion from them anymore apart from a strong sense of ennui.
  • Positively Surprised

    I wasn't excited about this episode because I had read a few reviews of the first and the third episode. They all seemed to think that this episode was less than stellar. While the episode did lack in the general weirdness of Community, it seemed to focus more on the characters.

    While the relationship between Troy and Britta felt very... sudden. It does explain why Britta doesn't Britta nearly as much as she did before. To me it is explainable by the fact that Troy is probably the best boyfriend that she has had and that she has found out what she wants to do when she graduates. The new writers seem to have a bit of trouble to make Troy develop as a character. Though the fact that he is in a relationship is a development, it doesn't seem to have changed him at all but to be fair I don't want Troy to change too much. I do feel like they need to "grow" Troy up a bit considering that this is most likely the last season...

    The 'love triangle' between Troy, Abed and Toby was amusing but could have been done better. Although it did provide us with "If I could Winger you for a second" and Britta's kind, kind words "I've told you before... I don't care about Inspector Spacetime"

    Annie's sub plot was fun to watch in my opinion. I don't understand people saying that Annie's little daydreaming about being mrs. Winger was immature. I mean it was immature and kind of weird... But then again... It's Annie. She is immature and weird and if you haven't noticed it, she is kinda fond of Jeff.

    Jeff on the other hand... His subplot would have been acceptable if this was the first season but I don't think that he would have left his friends for a girl. But like always Jeff came through in the end and did something for his friends.

    Pierce and Shirley were a bit underused in this episode but I don't think that they would have fitted in in a Inspector Spacetime themed episode at all so while their subplot wasn't good it could have been a lot worse.

    So yeah... I did feel the difference from the Harmon-era Community but I still thought that this was a better episode than the season 4 premiere and it did feel like Community... But I say this from the bottom of my heart... Go back to GREENDALE!
  • Losing Faith in Season 4

    I was so excited for this episode. After the last two left me feeling that Community had lost its soul along with its show runner, I was really hoping that the reappearance of one of the show's greatest spoofs - Inspector Spacetime - might bring the spark back to life. Boy, was I wrong.

    This episode was a slap in the face. Watching it was like seeing your best friend die and come back as a zombie. Oh, it looked like Community - it had our favorite group of loveable misfits, Troy and Abed's Inspector and Reggie cosplay, and their special handshake - but all of that felt quite gimmicky and out of place. It didn't FEEL like Community. So what's different? Why does the show feel so empty?

    Well, my first note of contention is Troy + Britta. Troy's character seemed to have been built up over the last three seasons to be a very sweet, naive kind of manchild, and Britta was, well, Britta. It was cute when they kind of had feelings for each other, but putting them in a full-out sexual relationship ... Um, excuse me. THIS IS TROY WE'RE TALKING ABOUT. Shouldn't he be making pillow forts with Abed? Not every character needs to be in a relationship. Platonic is sometimes best.

    Then there's the character's dialogue in general. Nothing that they say seems to be true to character. This is a major problem, seeing as Community is such a character-driven show. Dan Harmon really understood what each person would say and do, and their motives behind it. The new writers clearly don't. Like, Annie pretending to be Jeff's wife in such a psychotic way? Jeff blowing off his friends for some hot chick? (He would at least try to indulge his friends in their nerdy obsessions) Troy being all serious and adult? Britta not being an obnoxious 'ruiner'? Abed not making a clever reference every other line? Shirley and Pierce being whisked away to the sidelines? They are nothing but flimsy shadows of what the Greendale 7 should be. It's sickening.

    But what really amazed me about this episode was it's ability to suck all possible joy and wit out of the scenario. I mean, Troy and Abed get to go to an Inspector Spacetime convention! This had the potential to be one of the whackiest, most dramatic, and happiest episodes ever, knowing the duo's obsession with the show. But instead, it was nothing but 20 minutes full of boring relationship issues. Is Britta getting in the way of Troy and Abed's friendship? Will Troy be replaced by the half-baked English Whovi- er - Spacetimeian? WHO CARES. I just want to see Troy and Abed having a blast and some clever spoofing of a great sci-fi show. That's what Harmon did best. Those few minutes of Doctor Who parody that he came up with in season 3 where a billion times wittier than this episode. Clearly these new writers can't do the pop culture, so why do they keep trying / not trying nearly hard enough??? Give up already! Just give us conventional garbage without the disappointing allure of what the show used to be.

    OH! And why was Britta acting as if she knew nothing about Spacetime? She was the one who introduced the damn thing to Abed in the first place! Did these new writers even WATCH the show before taking over?

    OMG and why didn't they get Matt Smith and Karen Gillan on board? They said that they'd love to be featured in a Spacetime episode, well, here it is! Maybe they're Harmonites as well, who knows. But still. They could have at least brought in the guys who first played The Inspector and Reggie. Disappointing.

  • Good Episode!

    With the first couple of episodes missing the mark for me this was a definite improvement. Im still not sold on Troy and Britta's relationship, but if thats where they want to go with those characters then so be it.

    Some nice guest appearances, especially at the end.

    Season 4 is starting to look up!

    Oh, and where the hell is Chang?!