Season 4 Episode 3

Conventions of Space and Time

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 21, 2013 on Yahoo

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  • Positively Surprised

    I wasn't excited about this episode because I had read a few reviews of the first and the third episode. They all seemed to think that this episode was less than stellar. While the episode did lack in the general weirdness of Community, it seemed to focus more on the characters.

    While the relationship between Troy and Britta felt very... sudden. It does explain why Britta doesn't Britta nearly as much as she did before. To me it is explainable by the fact that Troy is probably the best boyfriend that she has had and that she has found out what she wants to do when she graduates. The new writers seem to have a bit of trouble to make Troy develop as a character. Though the fact that he is in a relationship is a development, it doesn't seem to have changed him at all but to be fair I don't want Troy to change too much. I do feel like they need to "grow" Troy up a bit considering that this is most likely the last season...

    The 'love triangle' between Troy, Abed and Toby was amusing but could have been done better. Although it did provide us with "If I could Winger you for a second" and Britta's kind, kind words "I've told you before... I don't care about Inspector Spacetime"

    Annie's sub plot was fun to watch in my opinion. I don't understand people saying that Annie's little daydreaming about being mrs. Winger was immature. I mean it was immature and kind of weird... But then again... It's Annie. She is immature and weird and if you haven't noticed it, she is kinda fond of Jeff.

    Jeff on the other hand... His subplot would have been acceptable if this was the first season but I don't think that he would have left his friends for a girl. But like always Jeff came through in the end and did something for his friends.

    Pierce and Shirley were a bit underused in this episode but I don't think that they would have fitted in in a Inspector Spacetime themed episode at all so while their subplot wasn't good it could have been a lot worse.

    So yeah... I did feel the difference from the Harmon-era Community but I still thought that this was a better episode than the season 4 premiere and it did feel like Community... But I say this from the bottom of my heart... Go back to GREENDALE!