Season 4 Episode 3

Conventions of Space and Time

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 21, 2013 on Yahoo

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  • Self referential, requires a rewatch.

    Let me remind you that this is the show that spent a whole season trying to find its footing, season one was so full of duds that it struggled to find consistency, then at the middle to end of season one it just clicked. Now bear with me, season one was 24 episodes, so that means it didn't find itself until episode 12ish, so thee writers, given a 13 episode season need to be allowed to have the same time to settle in, I would expect that it starts really gelling toward episode seven or eight. I enjoyed the episode but it felt like they were really trying too hard to involve all of the characters. It was the Pierce and Shirley story that really hit home for me, the writers were referencing their own venture into taking a show and making it enough of what it was without being afraid to show themselves, I feel its brave and admirable.