Season 4 Episode 3

Conventions of Space and Time

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Feb 21, 2013 on Yahoo



  • Trivia

    • GOOF: Britta isn't interested in Inspector SpaceTime in this episode at all, and even asks Troy if the show has really been on for 50 years. Yet in "Biology 101" Britta is the one who introduces Abed to Inspector SpaceTime, so she had to have some interest in the series if she's the one who introduced it.

  • Quotes

    • Troy: Toby, have you ever been in a fight? Because I have. (makes a fist)
      Toby: Oh my god, he can make a fist. That would hurt harder than a slap.

    • Troy: What if Abed wants to replace me? It makes me so angry and sad all at the same time.
      Britta: I know, but you have to hide it, because for some reason, men find these feelings to be psycho and, if you freak out, it's only gonna push Abed away. Like I always say, if you love someone, set them free, and if they don't come back to you, they were never yours to begin with.
      Troy: That makes no sense. What if they get hit by a car or fall down a well? Remind me to not put you down as my emergency contact.

    • Abed: (about Toby) He works in Nigeria in banking. He almost couldn't come because all his money was tied up in this financial thing, but I sent him 700 pounds and a plane ticket, so he should be here.
      Britta: Oh, Abed.
      Abed: There he is.
      Toby: You must be Abed. (tips hat) Inspector. Ooh, before I forget, here is your check. Thanking you very much indeed. You wouldn't believe how many people I emailed asking for help, and they completely ignored me.

    • Britta: Wait, was there a female Inspector?
      Abed: Yes, and everyone hates her. Not because they're sexist. Because she sucks.
      Britta: Well, I think it's cool.

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