Season 2 Episode 8

Cooperative Calligraphy

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 11, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • ill written conflict

    It's always the littlest thing that can create the biggest conflicts. This is another of my favorate episodes of the show, in my opinion. It's pritty much a bottle episode but that's what I love about it the fact that everyone is in one space and yet can still be wild crazy fun as usual.

    The name of the game is distrust. The first minutes were just funny when we see Annie just get all wound up about one single missing pen, and then we see before everyone leaves she just freaks out by scream, that was both hillarous and scary at the same time (jeez she couldn't go to the student store and buy another for 30 cents).

    I really like how the episode created a sense of paranoia, as we discover certain things about each of the characters we never knew, it at times makes us a little suspisious. Like for example we discover Abed compose a strange scedule, then we hear his reason which makes him either really smart or borderline insane. Then of course the suspision escalates and everyone just goes hillarously crazy all to find one damn pen.

    The best moment was when Jeff, Britta, and Annie were crouding each other and they get into a really heated arguement. And then suddenly from just out of the blue all three just start taking their clothes off for no apparant reason; it's like what the hell is going on it was just gut busting.

    Of coruse despite everyones efforts no one has found the pen, but the worst part was they've discovered how little they know each other. But I really do like how in the end they learn to trust each other again once Jeff and Troy start building on that crazy theory on a ghost stealing the pen and then everyone else joins in.

    Yeah they didn't find the pen but they found something even better trust.

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