Season 5 Episode 4

Cooperative Polygraphy

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Jan 16, 2014 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

The gang mourns the death of their friend Pierce when they are surprised to find out they are part of an inquest to determine whether or not a member of the study group killed him.  Pointed and revealing questions bring secrets of each character to light.  Shirley donates heavily to a Pro-Life charity.  Troy didn't invent the handshake.  Chang masturbated in the study room (as well as everywhere else).  Troy and Abed use Jeff's Netflix account.  Annie overcharges her roommates.  Jeff keeps sex trophies, and Britta was doing drugs during Shirley's son's baptism. Ultimately, the gang realizes that they are no better or worse than Pierce, and come to terms with each others shortcomings. Finally, Jeff is bequeathed a bottle of scotch and a vial of sperm, Britta learns that she inspired Pierce and is bequeathed an iPod nano, and a vial of Pierce's sperm. Shirley learns she intimidated Pierce with her strength of character and business acumen, and gets a timeshare in Florida and a vial of sperm. Annie learns she was Pierce's favorite, and is bequeathed the tiara she previously refused, and a vial of sperm. Abed is told he is insane and confused Pierce, and a vial of sperm. Troy learns he has the heart of a hero, and is bequeathed the remainder of shares in Hawthorne Wipes, valued at $14.3 million, on the condition he sails his boat, the Childish Tycoon,  around the world first in order to become his own man. And a vial of sperm.  Afterwards, the attorney reveals in a moment of drunkenness, that Pierce death was a result of his attempt to fill all six vials of sperm.