Season 3 Episode 18

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Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM May 03, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • Another classic from the show

    Damn it! Community does it AGAIN! Another perfect episode.The jokes may not be laugh out loud types,but its the type that gives an epic feeling of comedy.Wondering what that feels like?Maybe you should check out the riot control scene in this episode.

    Although Community runs mostly on stand alone stories with just one link to any previous episode ,this one seems to be just Part 1 of a hilarious story arc planned.
  • R.I.P. Starburns

    This episode is the first in an arc of Community, which is great because this show never really had an arc. My only problem with the episode is it felt just a little uneven, like there was two episodes going on at once, so the gears of this episode don't mesh perfectly. However due to the hilarity of this episode I can let it slide.

    Yep is official even though it did come out of nowhere, Starburns is officially dead, I'll admit it's supprising that he's became almost a cult hero on the show and I did find him funny,

    so some that are fans all I can say is sorry.

    Anyway this episode is just hillarous because it was pritty much one thing leads to another. I really loved how that funeral became a protest rally against Greendale. The uligies each of the charcters gave was hillarous because each were expressions of their rage against the school, two of the ones I loved was from Jeff whom stated he has gotten to the fifth stage of grief (for his lost summer vacation) and accepts the truth about the school that Greendale sucks. But my favorate one was both Troy and Abed giving doing a rap song about Greendale sucking. I don't blame the study group for their anger, what's happened to them isn't fair, I also don't feel what's happened to them at the end isn't fair I'll get to that latter.

    I can't help but feel the whole thing really is the Dean's fault in reality, if he resolved the issue with the study group then the whole disaster that follows wouldn't of happened.

    His incompitance in running the school has finally taken it's toll in the worst way possible near the end.

    But after the Uliges everyone just goes crazy and it is just fracking hilarous just seeing everyone destroy the Subway and stealing the cold cuts, chesse and vegtables and none of them even went for the cash regester. As well as most of the cafeteria until their stopped by Chang and his 12 year old police in riot gear. It's a little hard to believe grown men and women couldn't stop 12 years olds from beating the crap out of them; but then again those 12 years olds did have mace canasters which gave them an edge.

    It was supprising and funny to see Chang transform into a villian for the group. His mission it appears has always been rule Greendale with an iron fist. And now he's about to get his wish once he takes out the enemies that oppose him which are the study group.

    What happened next I'll admit made me sad, but also mad at the Education Board whom are all childish morons. When we hear they all got expelled because they insided a riot, even though it was unintentional and was never their intentions in the first place so wouldn't the punishment be more leanent without expelling and aren't all riots really more volentary acts of aggression, plus why aren't more people in trouble since some tore up the Subway and not the study group? But Chang was able to manipulate the board as well as trick them with his scam of having a fake Dean.

    If the episode has a theme it would have to be about dealing with loss and living on. Despite the study group sad there was a sense of hope all of them had, as Abed stated their still alive and together. The music video of Starburns at the end was hillarous and kinda cool, I really liked the song almost makes me miss the guy.

    So, Study Group hang in there, wish the best for you all and as for you Starburns may you rest in peace.
  • Okay...

    I'm not going to give any spoilers...but I am completely torn by this episode. It moved so was great...but REALLY weird at the same time...honestly, I was mind fucked lol
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