Season 1 Episode 9

Debate 109

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Jeff gets bribed into joining Annie in a debate against City College. Pierce tries to help Britta stop smoking. Abed's videos are really strange in that they predict the actions of all the people in the Spanish study group freaking Troy and Shirley out.

    An entertaining episode in which Jeff and Annie seem to discover each other through Abed's predictions. Pierce actually seems to help Britta with his fake psychiatry by accident. Finally everyone is a little freaked by Abed's student films using a group of actors that look like the group and act like them too. Troy and Shirley are especially upset.

    The debate which is the main focus of the episode is about whether man is inherently good or bad. Greendale had the bad position. The City College nemesis was interesting in that they used a man in a motorized chair as the main combatant. This guy would have been a good example of the bad in people if they got personal. It was his taunting of Jeff that propelled him to fight back.

    The Pierce/Britta bit was funny. In the end it was pretty humorous what triggered Britta to really stop smoking. Also the Abed films were creepy. I wonder if they will deal with this subject in the future or just let it go as they do with most of the Abed bits? Something about this show just doesn't click at times. It seems a little staged maybe and it really seems to be made more of piecemeal bits than real plots with any substance. Sometimes the funniest shows are the ones that deal a little in reality. Also this show hits you more like a moronic High School than a Junior College. Other than the Halloween episode none of them have been laugh out loud funny. More like sketch shows. Thanks for reading...
  • Jeff gets bribed to go into the debate team with Anne, Abed makes films that show their futures, and Pierce helps Brita to stop smoking by hypnotism. Jeff and Anne show signs of attraction to each other and kiss during the debate.

    I loved this episode. I thought it was funny and had some sexual tension between Jeff and Anne. I really hope then run with that and don't just neglect it. Over all a great episode, probably my favorite one! I like it when Brita is more of an outside character rather then a main one. I just think this show keeps getting better and better. Don't get me wrong there as been some down episodes but over all this show is very entertaining and genius. I don't mind when their are a few dry episodes compared to a crappy season. Keep up the great work producers, its a great show!
  • Jeff is bribed...


    As I sat down to write this week I was aware of the impulse to bash this new Jeff-Annie tryst, or at least jerk it mightily with my knee. As strong and dangerous impulses go however, the real danger would be passing any kind of judgment at all. I don’t know yet where this new development will lead. I don’t even know yet if Community is going to be the kind of show where these things necessarily have lasting consequences. So in the spirit of an awkwardly worded marketing survey, let’s assess it “solely on the basis of the enjoyment it provided this week” and see what we’re left with... (1) Allison Brie is an attractive female and (2) that was mostly pleasant.

    But Community continues to be more than just pleasant and chock full of Allison Brie (
  • Very good episode.

    I've sort of come to grips with the fact that Community contains a lot of the same jokes and whatnot from episode to episode. The characters tend to not move very far beyond their basic personality traits, and when they do, the show really shines. However, I really enjoyed this episode. It gave Joel McHale a chance to shine as Jeff once again, and it also allowed us to have a very entertianing plot involving a debate between City College and the community college.

    I liked the tension between Jeff and Annie, as it was came across as more realistic than Annie and Troy liking each other, and tied in perfectly with Abed's ridiculous plot about being able to predict the future through his movies. As usual, Pierce's plot did absolutely nothing for me and Shirley and the rest of the cast only had a few laughs.

    At times, the show comes across as a bit too fast paced. The jokes are so quick that it seems less then natural. It seems like the actors are programmed to respond in a certain way to certain cues. Then again, the show comes across as very natural. That being said, the show has appeared as a bit uneven to me in the last couple of weeks. It's still a great show, and one I'll stick around to watch.. I guess I just want to see some new stuff.