Season 1 Episode 9

Debate 109

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 12, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Very good episode.

    I've sort of come to grips with the fact that Community contains a lot of the same jokes and whatnot from episode to episode. The characters tend to not move very far beyond their basic personality traits, and when they do, the show really shines. However, I really enjoyed this episode. It gave Joel McHale a chance to shine as Jeff once again, and it also allowed us to have a very entertianing plot involving a debate between City College and the community college.

    I liked the tension between Jeff and Annie, as it was came across as more realistic than Annie and Troy liking each other, and tied in perfectly with Abed's ridiculous plot about being able to predict the future through his movies. As usual, Pierce's plot did absolutely nothing for me and Shirley and the rest of the cast only had a few laughs.

    At times, the show comes across as a bit too fast paced. The jokes are so quick that it seems less then natural. It seems like the actors are programmed to respond in a certain way to certain cues. Then again, the show comes across as very natural. That being said, the show has appeared as a bit uneven to me in the last couple of weeks. It's still a great show, and one I'll stick around to watch.. I guess I just want to see some new stuff.
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