Season 3 Episode 20

Digital Estate Planning

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM May 17, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • Genius!

    This episode was pure genius !! I loved it! Community has to come back for a 4th SEASON PLEASE!
  • Very creative and unique.

    This is one of the more creative/unique episodes of the series. I liked how they made it seem like an actual video game. Pure genius! They need a 4th season!
  • "Awww W're Adorable!"

    I'm no gamer but I'm an 80's kid so I could relate to heaps in this ingenious ep! Absolutely brillaint! Love it, the graphics, the script was as witty as ever, the pop culture references and the 'happy sappy' ending. Community never fails to deliver....this was top 5 of my favourite eps! Just GOLD!!!
  • Community the Video Game

    This is one of those episode I never thought would happen in a million years but it did, it really felt like this was one of those episodes that were just made for me since I'm a gamer, I've played video games ever since I was 6, from the 80's to now so yeah you can guess how I feel about this episode. When it comes to stories on video game it's always hit or miss for me, probably the best example would be the "Biship of Battle" tale in the 80's horror anthology film "Nightmares", this episode is one of those hits because it really understands all of the principles, homages, injokes and what goes on in playing video games.

    I love the fact they made the video game scenario in 8 bit, which fits the comicial spirit of the show perfectly as well as act as a love letter to any of us that have owned and played a Nintendo. The graphical presentation is great I really like how the enviorment the characters are in is designed which look similar to "Super Mario Bros". But most of all I just love how each of the characters in the Study Group were animated they all looked like they could be character's for the video game "River City Ransom" well except for Jeff who looks like "Mega Man" without a helmet heck Jeff character even jumped similar to "Mega Man" which is why Jeff is my favorate sprite of the bunch since I'm a fan of that video game franchise. My second favorate is Annie whom just like in real life is cute as a button, it was always cute and funny whenever she said Ahh and you saw the experesionism of the sprite.

    I like how the study group play the game, they were all a bit clumsy despite some of them Jeff, Abed, and Troy experenced at video games, may'be their a bit out of practice. But most of all just love the voice acting going on with the action, this episode wouldn't of been funny without it. There are just so many great moments and jokes I'll say a few since I don't want to give too much away I just can't do this episode justice. I really love the combat sequences like the battle with the giant turkeys from just simple grunting to just little words, it was the same even when they were battleing the big boss at the end. Or even in small moments like seeing Abed make a villiage into a golden city as well as marry a spirte girl and have hundreds of spite children which I find funny and at the same time a little disturbing.

    Well that's all I can say, like any video game you play you have to watch this episode to really enjoy it. After seeing this episode it really made me wish there was a video game based of of this show.
  • Sweet episode

    This episode was cuh-razy entertaining. A+
  • Truly Magnificent

    Marvellous character interaction, commitment to the genre, Aesop at the end ... this programme IS a great college indeed. Whoever wrote this episode can die in peace or, even better, live happily and produce more gems like this one. A masterpiece.
  • Perfect start the the last 3 episodes for this season

    Because I grew up with these types of video games in the 90's I loved this episode. It was fun to look and pin point what games they were borrowing from. I also loved the way they were able to reenact how people play video games in large groups (so like hitting each other on purpose and only jumping around for no real reason (Troy)).

    I guess the only videogame based episode i could compaire this one too (well one that I can think of off the top of my head) would be the WOW episode from South Park. I dont know if I can say this ones better or worse because they both used their subject matter in really fun ways and they were using two different types of games.

    So if you like Community and if you like retro games then you should give it a watch. And I got to say this, I hope that they release this game someday and that you could play as all the study group members. That would be cool
  • Where no tv show has gone before.

    OH MAN! This episode literally had me as geeking out the whole way through. And I thought community couldn't top their barrier shattering episodes like "Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas" and "Remedial Chaos Theory". Episodes like this one, as well as the two that followed it are why I am in love with this show. They dive into incredible adventures that I truly wish I could enjoy in real life. Community is beyond a sitcom; it has transcended the bars that other shows have set, if not obliterated them. We've got a fourth season (thank god), let's go for two more...and a movie!
  • Community continues to grow

    If you thought the 8 bit segment of Futurama's "Reincarnation" episode was great, you'll go full Dean Pelton over "Digital Estate Planning." Giancarlo Esposito (Gustavo Fring of Breaking Bad) plays the heavy and Abed gets to save the princess, literally, in a small heart-tugging final scene. This show has more savvy, smarts and creativity in a single episode than some sitcoms have in an entire season so, naturally, it's destined to die young.
  • Really Giving This A Bad Rating Before it Even Airs!

    I don't know what some people have against Community but its rather immature for people to hating on a series this good without even watching it.

    This episode was original and hilarious, another amazing episode and probably one of my favourites this season. If you ever played or even seen a retro video game you'll love this episode!
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