Season 3 Episode 13

Digital Exploration of Interior Design

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Mar 29, 2012 on Yahoo

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  • Did you notice the pix on Annie's locker?

    This episode had all the ingredients of a masterpiece: UST, noodle incidents, arguments, things blown out of proportion, epic music, catchphrases, marvellous one-scene secondary characters, continuity and the Dudemeister. Love to see Starburns back as well as the Vice-Dean.

    Abed's been definitely *not* likeable lately but then again I think that's good as we, or I, personally, can start seeing him as more of a three-dimensional human who's not just 'that awesome meta guy' but who can also be selfish, arrogant, narrow-minded and annoying.

    Jeff having Aesop amnesia ... they've overdone it. That's why I didn't give this episode a ten, but they're close anyway. The good thing about introducing new characters in this show is that they may exploit them further in the future, as they did with Neil and Leonard.
  • Digital Exploration of Interior Design...

    Community has turned into such an amazing show that it does not just spoof product placement, makes amazing jokes about Jane Austin or talks incessantly about tv shows that only exist within Community itself, it's so fantastic (or should i say changtastic?) that it can even make double entendre jokes in the title of an episode. and that is one of the reasons why i love this show, beacuse it loves it's fans just as much as they love it, and it's always rewarding us with jokes hidden in jokes, easter eggs, and constanct references to itself (inspector spacetime, the dean's love of dalmations, chang in every form). a great episode, but overall, a amazing comedy!
  • Is Community becoming a Drama-com? (Dramatic Comedy)

    So far in each season of Community, the study group is tested in different ways and this season is no different. In this episode we saw the Troy and Abed friendship broken thanks to the Vice Dean. Shirley, Pierce, and Britta formed an alliance to take down Subway, Britta ended up betraying Shirley and Pierce because she liked the self promoter of Subway. Shirley and Pierce must know Britta to well because they both knew she would betray them. The other and unimportant story line was when Jeff found out that he made some "girl" mad and she died, this Jeff-Annie story line was just to fill time.

    To conclude, this episode was really good just because their taking the show in a different path, their putting more plot then comedy into the show and i think its working.