Season 3 Episode 8

Documentary Filmmaking: Redux

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Nov 17, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • "Anarchist Cat Owner"

    Can I just say the timing of this episode freaked me out because my Brit Lit class had just read Conrad's Heart of Darkness the week this episode aired? We watched the movie too and it had the British guy from Lie to Me (RIP the show, not the guy) in it.

    Anyways, Greendale tries to make a commercial which Abed documents the making of. The Dean, as the director, descends into madness (seriously, did someone wash that ice cream machine?) and he tries to take the entire school down with him. Except for Pierce who goes all diva and quits early then spends the episode holding out for a trailer and catering and then another trailer. Abed saves the day as he is too awesome to just remain a fly on the wall. Go Greendale, Go Greendale, Go!

    Daaaw Britta and Troy at the end! I'm totally rooting for Britta/Troy and Annie/Abed this season!