Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 28, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • This episode brings new meaning to the word EPIC.


    While the brilliant show "Community" regularly get critisized for being too 'gimmick'-y, I disagree wholeheartedly in this case. I think it was done in good taste and it left me longing for more!

    Here's what happened. Greendale Community College organizes a Halloween party and the Dean (the hilarious Jim Rash dressed like Lady Gaga) got some snacks. While the evening, filled with ABBA, progresses, more and more people start to fall ill. The sick people start out with flu-symptoms but then go on having Zombie-like tendencies and biting the non-infected. Annie has asked Doctor Rich to determine what's going on, while the others try to fight their classmates off. The Dean, in the meantime, had locked the group in the library with the entire flesh-craving studentbody. Everyone fends for themselves as things start to heat up.

    So, in conclusion and without spoiling too much: Best. Halloween. Episode. EVER.

  • My all-time favorite Halloween episode ever.

    I will admit, I never thought they would be able to top last year's Halloween episode with Danny Pudi's amazing performance as Batman. That being said, I was happily suprised by Epidemiology.

    Troy gets this turn in the stoplight, but EVERYONE has multiple moments to shine. This episode was so funny, from Jim Rash's Lady Gaga to Troy's "You punched a lady bee!" One of the best parts of this episode, however, was that I laugh out loud every single time I watch it, which has been multiple times on hulu and And it's amazing that the entire "zombie" plot makes perfect sense! Could any other shows get away with that? Nope. Community is amazing, and this episode is definitely one of my favorites.
  • The gang are quarantined in the college on Halloween when party goers start turning into zombies!

    There was a lot of hype around this episode and while it didn't live up to the heights of last season's paint ball ep it was stil a really funny show.

    This week the gang are at the college for the Halloween party, all of them dressed as quirky characters that suit their style. Jeff as David Beckham, Abed as an Alien and Troy as Ripley and Annie as Litlle Red Riding Hood to name just a few (don't want to spoil them all). Everything is fine and dandy until Pierce get sick from what looks like food poisoning, the food turns out to be a dangerous chemical offloaded by the army that turns people into zombies. In panic the deen quarantines everyone inside the school with the zombies and the gang have to bunker down or become infected. Pretty soon they come up with a plan to save everyone involving cooling the whole place down but in true Jeff style he just wants to bail and save himself. Unlike paintball this ep wasn't Jeff centric rather focusing on the relationship between Troy and Abed and how Troy doesn't want to be seen as a nerd when he hangs out with Abed. All in all, some great laughs with all the main players getting their voices heard and adding to the high jinx that is ensuing around them. We also seen a return of the pottery maestro/doctor who Jeff despises with every fibre of his being that makes for a few funny scenes. All this plus throw in a crazy basement cat and you have a top ep of Community that ranks as one of the best!