Season 2 Episode 6


Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 28, 2010 on Yahoo

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  • My all-time favorite Halloween episode ever.

    I will admit, I never thought they would be able to top last year's Halloween episode with Danny Pudi's amazing performance as Batman. That being said, I was happily suprised by Epidemiology.

    Troy gets this turn in the stoplight, but EVERYONE has multiple moments to shine. This episode was so funny, from Jim Rash's Lady Gaga to Troy's "You punched a lady bee!" One of the best parts of this episode, however, was that I laugh out loud every single time I watch it, which has been multiple times on hulu and And it's amazing that the entire "zombie" plot makes perfect sense! Could any other shows get away with that? Nope. Community is amazing, and this episode is definitely one of my favorites.