Season 3 Episode 9

Foosball and Nocturnal Vigilantism

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Dec 01, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • My Ass Off

    When the european guy put his arms around his buddies and then swung his body to kick the ball, like a lifesized foosball player I laughed my ass off. I don` t know why but I thought that was hysterical.
  • Liked it. Didn't love it, but liked it.

    From the moment Shirley began tutoring Jeff I predicted it'd be a Ross/Phoebe kind of connexion, and when it indeed was I wasn't impressed ... but I appreciate the fact they brought that trope to a new generation.

    The 'secretly replace a broken priceless item thing' was again predictable and, in my opinion, it's not enough that they lampshaded it to make it less predictable. Twenty-two minutes of very good comedy, but which could've been twenty-two minutes of even better comedy considering those writers and actors are very talented and not only can top that, but regularly do.

    Why are Ken Jeong and Jim Rash listed as regulars if they hardly ever appear lately? Once again, they had far more relevant roles in S1 and S2, and their characters were explored better. Chevy and Gillian did appear, but as mere extras, so what's the point?
  • "Abed is Batman- Christian Bale"

    Why won't NBC make an "Abed is Batman" shirt? I want it!

    I forgot that I love Shirley, why can't she have more episodes like this? For the second time in a long while, she teams up with Jeff but this time to take down some German Foosballers. In the end, we uncover a connection in their shared pasts so hopefully future episodes give Shirley a little more screen time beyond baking and shoving religion down everyone's throats.

    In roommate high jinks, Annie accidentally breaks Abed's $299 Dark Knight extended, extended cut DVD with aforementioned "Abed is Batman- Christian Bale" signature. Her devastated Disney princess reaction face had me simultaneously cracking up and tearing up. What results is a hilarious attempt to cover it up on the part of Annie and Troy. Abed resumes his raspy voice and Batman costume to catch the culprit resulting in some disturbing revelations about their landlord and women's footwear before Annie comes clean. I also loved the callback of Annie falling for Abed's alpha male personas like Han Solo and now Batman. I officially love them together and am proudly shipping it!

    Was that anime bit a little nod to DBZ? Just add that to never-ending list of things I love about Community.

  • "Abed is Batman"


    A sign of a good show is the ability of actors to make the characters believable to the audience and make the audience care about those characters. A sign of a great show is doing that while adding levels of complexity to the characters, plot and themes of the show. This episode is a prime example of why Community is a great show.

    There were two story arcs and neither felt like the "secondary" storyline. In the "Foosball" story arc, we get a rare Jeff and Shirley narrative that starts out as Shirley training Jeff on the finer points of Foosball in order to beat a group of European hooligans (lead by Nick Kroll, who is a real journeyman of sitcoms). The story evolves to a history that both characters shared, and is resolved with an epic Foosball game between the two. The story telling device switches to an well constructed anime sequence that works well within the structure of the story.

    The other story arc, "Nocturnal Vigilantism," is a Annie, Troy and Abed story arc dealing with Annie accidentally breaking Abed rare Batman. Annie works out a solution that avoids the clique "let's replace the DVD" with a staged robbery, which means only one person can fight for justice and search for the bad guy.

    Both story lines play around the tropes that relate to the thematics of both stories without dumbing down the events for the audience nor borrowing too heavily from story telling techniques from the past to help push the story forward.

    As stated in the beginning of this review, this episode is a prime example of why Community is a great show.

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