Season 1 Episode 6

Football, Feminism and You

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2009 on Yahoo

Episode Recap

Annie is quizzing Troy on astronomy, one of his passions besides football, when Dean Pelton enters the study room to persuade Troy to join the college football team. He also mentions that the school has come up with a mascot, the Greendale Human Beings, and that they are in need of someone to design it. Pierce volunteers himself to help out with the mascot.

Meanwhile, Shirley invites Britta for some girlie time in the ladies' room, but Britta turns her down. Annie joins Shirley instead. When Britta finally accompanies her to the rest room, Shirley only gets annoyed by Britta for her lack of compassion and understanding towards women and their needs. Much later, Shirley teaches some etiquette to Britta and makes her realize her inadequacies.

Pierce and Dean Pelton tries to create a mascot that is racially unbiased by combining physical attributes from personalities of varying races. In the meantime, Jeff confronts Pelton about the dean's decision to make him the poster boy for the school. Pelton makes a deal with Jeff that if he can persuade Troy to join the football team, he will take down all of the posters.

While Annie and Troy continue to study astronomy, Jeff comes in and pulls Troy to give him a pep talk and inspire him to relive his glory days as a football icon. Troy then decides to forego his other passion and play for the school instead, much to the dismay of Annie.

Jeff later talks to Annie and confesses his reason for pushing Troy into joining the football team. Angered and insulted by Jeff, Annie runs into the ladies' room to air out her frustrations. Britta, who has finally learned her lesson on sympathizing with him, enters and intently listens to her.

Before the college pep rally, Troy gets to talk to Jeff about the compromises he is making to improve his life and suggests to Jeff to try and accept his current status and make the most out of the situation. Jeff then apologizes to Annie about their run-in earlier. Annie, on the other hand, decides to support Troy's football career. Dean Pelton and Pierce then approach them with the creepy-looking Greendale Human Beings mascot.

Abed and Troy end the day at the dean's room making several cool announcements. They stop upon seeing two security guards who look a lot like them enter the room.