Season 1 Episode 6

Football, Feminism and You

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Jeff finds out that his face has been plastered all over posters and brochures for Greendale. The President wants Jeff to talk Troy into going out for football and blackmails him as such. Britta finds out about female bathroom etiquette from Shirley.

    An improvement over last week with a number of very specific storylines to follow.

    We have Jeff trying to get Troy to got out for football as the Principal is blackmailing him. We have Annie trying to get Troy not to go out for football as she wants him for herself. Pierce is working with the President of Greendale on the new mascot for Greendale, the Human Beings! Britta learns how to be accommodating and a good listener in the bathroom from Shirley. Finally Abed is laying low for the week.

    The main storyline is based on the fact that Troy was a top recruit before getting injured the second to last week of football season in high school and losing any scholarships he might have got. In the end when Jeff decides to talk Troy out of football because he feels guilty about tricking him, Troy comes back with the fact that he can play and feel no pressure here at Greendale as the rest of the team is awful. Annie comes to her senses and decides to support Troy as well.

    The mascot was atrocious as you can imagine anything from the mind of Pierce and President of the college could be.

    An amusing episode. I'm not sure what it is but this show is not laugh out loud funny. It's humorous in some ways I just don't find myself really getting into the stories. The numbers in the new time slot are not very good. We'll see how they keep going. Thanks for reading...
  • Best new show of this Fall

    While Jeff urges Troy to sign up with the football team, Britta learns girl talk etiquette from Shirley. Dean Pelton and Pierce work together on the college football team mascot.
    I found myself looking forward to the end of the episode in this one because I knew it would be hilarious and it was. The rest of the episode was decent it had some funny moments but I think we needed more of Duncan and Chang. I like the way all the characters are geeting plenty of screentime though because at first it was all Jeff and Britta but now everyone is getting plenty of screentime. I thought Britta's storyline in this one was the best.
  • 106

    This show is really starting to test my patience, I like how all the characters are interacting with one another, but I have been beginning to think that maybe this show just isn't for me. The comedy is fair at best, Joel Mchale's character annoys me, and everything after the pilot has just seemed all too similar. A few funny gags, a nonsensical plot, a syrupy ending, and a few lines that you think mean something but don't end up meaning anything at all.

    Maybe I should give this show more credit, but at this point, it just seems like Community is trying too hard, you can really see there desperation in an episode like this one. I really hope this doesn't become the episode format, also don't even get me started on the Britta scenes. You'd think this cast would be likable, but the interactions between Britta & Shirley made me want to jump off a cliff. And the conversation between Jeff & Annie? Eye roll, please. Just not the best installment.
  • The show's lost some of its appeal, but it's still funny.

    I'm not quite as excited about Community as I was a few weeks ago, when it first premiered, but I do believe it's the second funniest new addition to television right now. The show is fast-paced, the characters are all funny and have their own unique personality and the show is sometimes self-referential, sort of like 30 Rock and other shows like that.. if all this is true, then how come the show's ratings are lower than any other new comedy, even moreso than Hank, which is easily one of the worst shows I've seen in awhile? I'm going to be writing a blog on it, but I think the show, along with the other shows on NBC, deserve better than they get.

    Tonight's episode focused on three different plots: Jeff attempting to get Troy to play football again in order to avoid being blackmailed by the Dean of the college, Brita trying to get used to girls and their "bathroom talk" and Pierce attempting, with the Dean's help, to create a race-free mascot for the college. Some of the plots work (the football plot mostly) while the other two seem silly and exist simply to give something for the characters to do.. although Pierce's final mascot idea ends up paying off in a big way.

    I feel like the show has so much potential and could be around for at least a few more seasons.. but there's something missing from the show, something that's turning off viewers and making the show not as much to watch. Perhaps there's too much of a variety of characters and humor and the show gets too fast paced to be comfortable with. It's definitely not the characters, because every single one is endlessly entertaining.

    Regardless, this was another solid episode and I definitely enjoyed it. It's really hard to explain what I wish could be better, so I guess I'll just leave it be for now and soak in the funny that the show does provide right now.