Season 1 Episode 6

Football, Feminism and You

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • Jeff finds out that his face has been plastered all over posters and brochures for Greendale. The President wants Jeff to talk Troy into going out for football and blackmails him as such. Britta finds out about female bathroom etiquette from Shirley.

    An improvement over last week with a number of very specific storylines to follow.

    We have Jeff trying to get Troy to got out for football as the Principal is blackmailing him. We have Annie trying to get Troy not to go out for football as she wants him for herself. Pierce is working with the President of Greendale on the new mascot for Greendale, the Human Beings! Britta learns how to be accommodating and a good listener in the bathroom from Shirley. Finally Abed is laying low for the week.

    The main storyline is based on the fact that Troy was a top recruit before getting injured the second to last week of football season in high school and losing any scholarships he might have got. In the end when Jeff decides to talk Troy out of football because he feels guilty about tricking him, Troy comes back with the fact that he can play and feel no pressure here at Greendale as the rest of the team is awful. Annie comes to her senses and decides to support Troy as well.

    The mascot was atrocious as you can imagine anything from the mind of Pierce and President of the college could be.

    An amusing episode. I'm not sure what it is but this show is not laugh out loud funny. It's humorous in some ways I just don't find myself really getting into the stories. The numbers in the new time slot are not very good. We'll see how they keep going. Thanks for reading...