Season 1 Episode 6

Football, Feminism and You

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM Oct 22, 2009 on Yahoo

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  • The show's lost some of its appeal, but it's still funny.

    I'm not quite as excited about Community as I was a few weeks ago, when it first premiered, but I do believe it's the second funniest new addition to television right now. The show is fast-paced, the characters are all funny and have their own unique personality and the show is sometimes self-referential, sort of like 30 Rock and other shows like that.. if all this is true, then how come the show's ratings are lower than any other new comedy, even moreso than Hank, which is easily one of the worst shows I've seen in awhile? I'm going to be writing a blog on it, but I think the show, along with the other shows on NBC, deserve better than they get.

    Tonight's episode focused on three different plots: Jeff attempting to get Troy to play football again in order to avoid being blackmailed by the Dean of the college, Brita trying to get used to girls and their "bathroom talk" and Pierce attempting, with the Dean's help, to create a race-free mascot for the college. Some of the plots work (the football plot mostly) while the other two seem silly and exist simply to give something for the characters to do.. although Pierce's final mascot idea ends up paying off in a big way.

    I feel like the show has so much potential and could be around for at least a few more seasons.. but there's something missing from the show, something that's turning off viewers and making the show not as much to watch. Perhaps there's too much of a variety of characters and humor and the show gets too fast paced to be comfortable with. It's definitely not the characters, because every single one is endlessly entertaining.

    Regardless, this was another solid episode and I definitely enjoyed it. It's really hard to explain what I wish could be better, so I guess I'll just leave it be for now and soak in the funny that the show does provide right now.