Season 2 Episode 24

For a Few Paintballs More

Aired Tuesday 12:00 AM May 12, 2011 on Yahoo

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  • Action. Romance. Tragedy. Surprises. The season finale of Community has it all.

    It's quite ridiculous to think a comedy show can pull off a feeling for the second time in a row. Yet, Community's second attempt at a paintball war has you feeling the same excitement as before. It proves that there's really no difference between seeing fictional characters shoot guns with bullets and guns with paintballs. For a second, the effect stays the same.
    As the race continues we enter Star Wars territory and so there has to be an evil villain, a shocking twist and allegiances. It all works perfectly in the wasteland that is Greendale. Every scene you wonder who will fall next, who is going to win and who is going to clean all of it up. Luckily, you get answers to all these questions. The scene with Abed and Annie might be outplayed, especially since it's unlikely this romance will get a sequel but for a few seconds, it works and it's even beautiful. The scene where paint falls down from the sky is ridiculous, hilarious but still powerful. It's one of the trades of Community. It's witty, fast-paced and extremely self-aware but it manages to work the cliche without feeling outdrawn. It was a complete delight to watch our characters embark on a crazy adventure where some lives would be lost for the greater purpose. As hilarious and weird the setting might be, Community makes it worth your while.