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3x15: Origins of Vampire Mythology (Please Discuss here)

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    Originally aired: April 12th 2012

    "While Annie, Troy and Abed try to help Britta stay away from an old ex, Jeff and Shirley attempt to find out who he is. Elsewhere, Vice Dean Laybourne turns to Dean Pelton for help with his campaign to get Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair School."

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    Not as good as the previous one, but how could it be? Still good one.

    I actually love Jeff and Shirley together. We don't see it too often, and it makes me happy when we do. These two characters are a lot more alike than they believe, and Shirley definitely understands Jeff like no one else does (something he admitted.) Now, I don't want them to get together or anything like that (I like Jeff and Annie), but I really like them as friends.

    Chang was OK in the first season, he got annoying in the second. I don't like him in the third. So, I tend to like episodes better when he's not in the foreground. And, unfortunately, we got him paired off with Pierce (who I can take or leave). So I was really hoping that they wouldn't emphasize this pairing. Only bad part of this episode.

    Good episode. Not my favorite, but even a mediocre episode of Community is better than 95% of all other TV.


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    I liked this one more than the previous. I think that it went into a few things that just haven't been mentioned. Like, what was Jeff referring to when he told Shirley "I won't let you do those things with me that you will not admit" (Or something along those lines. I'm on my phone)
    This also brought Pierce more in as an actual human being rather than obnoxious old man (I can also...take him or leave him, he is of no serious loss to me.)
    I am not a big fan of the Troy/Britta thing they are (or aren't) trying to create here...I just don't see the chemistry...but then again I see a lot of unspoken (being the key word here) chemistry between Jeff and Britta.
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